Streaming video websites creating new piracy challenge

Streaming video websites creating new piracy challenge.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Peer-to-peer file sharing has been under fire for several years because of the illegally copied media that is transmitted via the networks, but now a new form of piracy is catching the attention of the film and television industries.

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Posted: 19-12-2008

What does the industry want, a bunch of monks for a consuming public? This whole idea that you can wave candy in front of a baby and call him a thief if he bites is just ridiculous. From what I have seen it is pretty obvious that a substantial amount of this digital material is not originating in someones garage and very little is about a camera in a theater. A good bit of the material seems to be coming from those involved in the industries themselves. I find this pretty sick that employees and associates of the industries are leaking a lot of this stuff and then the industries want to whine and sue because people share it in the wild. If they can’t control their own people why the hell are they going after everyone else? I do understand that not all pirated content is coming from the producers of it, but when I see tons of pre-release movies and other limited access materials available for download I damn sure get that some guy didn’t break into a movie theater or Hollywood studio and steal it.

Posted: 19-12-2008[/QUOTE]
Lol. …

We ARE the people our parents warned us about :iagree: