Streaming TV with NeroMediahome



I have a question regarding the functionality of Nero.
I have two networked XP machines. One has a Dvico TV tuner.
Is it possible (with Nero Mediahome) to access the TV tuner from the other network PC?
Are there any other programs that might allow me to do this?

If you can help me I will :bow: and worship you as the supreme overlord of all things Nero.

Thanks for reading and/or responding.


You only want to access the content or want to stream content from the tuner to compi 2?


Thanks for your reply.
I want to be able to stream to Computer 2 rather than accessing files recorded and saved.



Well then no, I don’t think Nero Mediahome is able to do that at the moment. In fact, you will need other software (which I have heard of and can’t remember) and I think it was some Linux-y people who invented some software that interfaces to the tuner and allows remote lan clients to access the tuner - however Mediahome can only work with pre-recorded / media files.


I know that ProgDVB does that easily, but probably not with this tuner.

Maybe also MythTV could work.