Streaming T.V. Which one is worth cutting the cord for?

There are lot’s of streaming services for . Are any worth getting rid of cable or satellite T.V. for? :smiley:

We have been using Philo for 2-3 years and have been very pleased with it.

Unfortunately, as you said there are many streaming sites out there but NOT one of them carries everything so it forces you to pay for multiple streaming services.
Thanks to Disney being greedy & screwing over the world population, they took many of their shows/movies owned by them off of Netflix, Prime & many other sites such that customers would be forced to buy streaming service from Disney to see those shows/movies.

I think it would be best for you to decide what you are mostly interested in (movies or TV show series, etc.) & then search the various existing streaming sites to see if they carry everything you want because chances are that you will need to buy more than just one stream service to watch all your stuff. If you do find items that you want on several sites, then add up their total cost & compare it to cable/satellite costs. Whichever is cheaper will be ultimately the way to go.

I have several friends that had an ultimate cable package (everything not just basic) & when Netflix & Prime became available, they switched over & dropped their cable. Years later, thanks to Disney’s greed & their outrageous pricing schemes, those same friends went back to cable because the overall price to have everything they wanted to watch (Netflix, Prime & Disney) was 5 times the cost of their cable bill.

I know it’s difficult. I was thinking of switching to Youtube t.v. The price is still better then Dishnetwork , that I have now. They also have a good cloud service to save a lot of your program. They also let you connect up to three t.v’s. I know that others like Sling t.v. are cheaper? . But you don’t get as many channels . So that’s what I have been considering.

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Youtube t.v. costs more than Netflix & DOESN’T carry movies, it only carries TV shows/series, news & some sports events which is useless. They also have ads & commercials which the other streaming services omit. Not worth it unless you NEVER want to see the latest movies before they come to theatres/DVD/Bluray.

Ok I’m all interested

Another option is a Roku box or TV. There is a ton of content for free on Roku’s channel and many, many others. Looking at the channels on YouTube TV it is nearly identical to Philo which also allows three simultaneous streams.

My issue with Netflix, Disney etc. is that once we subscribe for a few months we have watched all the content we care about. Then it takes months for them to build up a decent amount of new content we will watch. I find it is best for us to subscribe for 1-2 months then unsubscribe for 6-8 months and resubscribe for another 1-2 months to catch up on new content.

These days I find I watch free YouTube channels more than anything else. I have all but given up watching cable and broadcast TV. We have Philo mostly for my wife to watch the three Hallmark channels they offer. There are some really entertaining content creators on YouTube that cover many topics I find interesting. Everything from news to any other topic I am interested in is available, entertaining and informative. Seeing what YouTube TV offers, it might be the best service available for cable TV plus all the other content they offer.

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I will have to check out free YouTube channels.
I watch stuff on You Tube but usually what I’m searching on the Internet.

For the rest I just use OTA.
I get around 40 channels but about half are not worth watching.

Anything else I can get on DVD or BD from the local library.
Some downloads from the Internet.
As a last resort Red Box rental.

True true but if it is on the internet and not on the channels would it be pointless to use it anymore.?

Sure because if they save it on the cloud. Which is like a DVR. It would be saved for you. Unless you cancel your service which is the same that happens with cable or satellite.

Yea so if you are watching a show that you like and there is a brown out would it like undo what you have already done to save it.?

No? as far as I know? , but someone else might respond who knows more then I do?

Yeah! that’s why I got rid of my movie channels Dish was charging me nearly $ 200.00 a month, and most of the movies I didn’t watch or didn’t care about?

If you just want basic TV service, check out which is a free service. If you want premium channels, the sky is the limit. Just depends on which channels you want.

Yeah! I know? The only channels I would want from my satellite t.v. service is channels like TCM, Investigation Discovery, Destination America, Some sports channels, History , and locals of course. but not channels I don’t even watch. which they give you with cable and satellite t.v. :expressionless:

The fees charged for getting local broadcast channels added in is ridiculous. Especially considering they can be had for free with an antenna. As I stated earlier, the best combination of channels versus price I have found is Philo. They offer 63 channels for $20/month. The channels are very good overall, IMO. The better ones are Science Channel, History, Destination America, Discovery, Discovery Family, three Hallmark channels, AMC, Food Network, Cooking Channel, HGTV, FYI and DIY Networks. One would be hard pressed to find a better selection at a $20/month price point.

I found an outdoor antenna helped my reception a lot.
I have a cheap one right now but I plan to install a better one.
The cheap one works fairly well & has taken two hail beatings.

I put mine in the attic and used the site linked below to orient it in the best direction to receive the most channels. I also use Plex to distribute broadcast signals to all the TVs/computers in the house via WiFi.

Sounds good. $20.00 a month? you could get a few movie channels and it would’nt hurt you. Does it let you save any of your favorite shows on a cloud service? :smiley: