Streaming MP3's - gaps in playback

Can anybody please help?

I am currently using Swisscenter 1.14.4 (although I have tried 1.15 beta). I have also tried the Neuston software!

When playing back MP3’s about every minute or so there is a gap of about 1 sec which is extremely frustrating.

I am using a Lite 2010 which is connected via ethernet to my netgear 834 router. My PC connects via wireless (54g) to the router at 54KBps.

I have tried ping responses etc and they are around 1 to 2 ms response.

MY PC is a Celeron M 3GHZ with 1GB RAM. I have just rebuilt with XP as I thought this may be the problem. No such luck!

For info, if i use my laptop i can stream mp3’s from this pc with no issues and my laptop is only 11mbps wireless!

Thanks in advance, Mike.

I have a same problem. Writing a music stream with audacity, there are numerous gaps. These can be fixed, but will cost a lot of time.
Streaming is with windows media player, but other players show the same problem. Buff is 1 ninute.

as a first step defrag your hard drive.

WMP is sensitive to any fragmentaion of files

I consistantly had this problem on mp3 playback from mp3’s saved
to disc until I moved my mp3’s to a seperate HDD that is used ONLY
for storing mp3’s that I play on my computer.

I actually do my ripping operation to another drive
where I create the mp3’s from wav as a seperate operation
before adding id3 tags and subsequently copy them to my
F: drive which is the one I use for playback.