Streaming HD Netflix heading to Xbox 360



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Microsoft Xbox 360 owners will be able to stream HD movies and TV episodes directly into the living room in less than four weeks, as anticipation builds for the “New Xbox Experience.”

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Microsoft has been constantly hounded by owners wanting a Blu-ray drive, and hopefully they won’t have to listen to that as much any more.

If Netflix actually expands its HD catalog beyond 300, then this should be quite great. The only thing that worries me is the fact that so much bandwidth is necessary, as I am sure there will be a few disgruntled Xbox 360 owners in the future.


8-10 Gb of bandwidth? Ya, sure.


When will HD content be made available to netflix users on PC? Any idea?


I smell tiered cable services coming…


I don’t know of any cable service with 8-10 Gb speed. That has to be a typo. If it’s 8-10 Mb, then forget anything resembling “HD” image quality. That’s more like super-compressed MPEG-2 satellite or 1440x720 HD-lite.


Hey it’s from MS and Netflix- it’s gonna ROCK! /sarcasm


I certainly hope that the quality of the HD movies (not video quality, just movie quality) available for streaming is better than what Netflix currently has. Their current SD selection blows.


its not as much bandwidth as you think because its gigaBITS, not gigabytes.


A correction, I did not mean “as you think”, I meant “as some may think” as some tend to mix up Gbps and GBps


The currently available Netflix Player by Roku streams SD only. The LG Blu-Ray player that has the Netflix streaming built-in only streams SD – granted, it plays HD, but not for the Netflix streaming. I couldn’ find anything on Netflix’s site that indicates the Xbox 360 will stream HD.