Streaming a DVD through VLC media player

I’m trying to stream a DVD through VLC media player so I can save it out to a file then convert that file to an Xvid movie. I’ve tried ripping the file off the DVD using DVD decrypter but had some errors. So I thought I could use VLC’s DVD streaming capabilities to get around the trickey copy protection. The movie I’m woroking with is Talladega Nights.

In VLC under the file menu I select “Open DVD”

I then select DVD (menus), i’ve found that if I select plain DVD it only rips the first 30sec of the movie

I then select save stream and set it to stream to a file on my PC and save as RAW format, not rip to raw but the raw option halfway down the screen.

I also set it to play locally so I can select the main movie and being playing it.

I set this to go last night and it started out well. However it did not rip the whole movie. It ripped around 3.0gb which I’m guessing based on the extras on the disk is around 2/3 of the movie.

Has anyone had any experience with this? or similar problems. Is this an effective way to get around the copy protection?