Great to see you back!
I obtained the now illegal version that rips Real Audio into WAV or MP3. But how do I download a complete RAfile without playing it through Real Player?


Where can I find a RA -> WAV/MP3 converter?


Cool, I’ve been looking for that for quiet a while. Can you tell us where you got it?



Look at

The program is called Streambox Ripper

I can also mail it to you.
Mail to:


The problem was not the ripper. I’ve got streambox. Th problem was how to download the complete ra-file. In the meantime I’ve found out that you have to use X-FileGet to do this. I obtained this downloadhelper in the mean time. Hard to get! But the quality of the audio stays at the same lousy RealPlayer level. Don’t understand why they made such a fuzz about Streambox Ripper.