Stream movies from my server to my television

Hey there.
Im new at this forum. It seems that i have come to the right place.

I have a network at home with two pcs laptops, two workstations and one pcs server running windows homeserver.
Im using a zyxel DMA 1000 media center box to stream my dvds, cds and photos to our tv and stereo.
Wich format is the best to use when im copying my dvd movies?

When i use dvd shrink, the zyxel box do not understand anything when i try to play the movies, i think i should use AVI or something. Any sugestions?

xvid or Divx would be a good choice, especially for streaming.

About the homeserver, make sure you check the m$ sites for updates.

I have downloaded DVD FAB platinum today. There is several choises to choose from. Wich one should i use, GENERIC?