Stream Internet to TV or Monitor?

I see there are pros/cons for streaming from the web for both TV and computer monitor. My computer and TV are in the same room, about 12 feet apart. I can run cables beneath the crawlspace so no problem there. I’m giving up TV altogether. No cable. No satellite. I belong to a site that streams movies and TV, AVI. However I will want to watch some network channels live, at times, but still stream them. I think a TV is the way to go. Can anyone tell me what I should look for in a TV, what ports/cable in/out to look for? And especially, what I’ll need to add to my computer, video/audio cards? --Thanks in advance.

Hi Rayca,
Were are you? In China, Middle east, Europe, US, …?
Your needs depend on local available services. If you are in Kenia, you just keep your collour TV.

Hi Vasco. I am in USA

Rayca, US is very vast but surelly you are in a well media serviced area. That means that you are also subjected to the way the service stations connect with/to your home.
However, the latest gadgets usually serve new as well as old plugs. TV, Computer and others making part of the system will have to be plugged with the latest available systems and drivers (HD, HDMI, S-video, DVI, USB 3.0, Ethernet, memory cards, etc.) You better decide firstly which comes first; TV or Computer, and then adpt one to the other.
If you are buying anything, look for the latest and the best. Do not think in upgrades of old equipment. New machines are better cheaper and they will include any plug (in/out) you need.
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