Stream DVD to DirecTV DVR

I would like to be able to stream my DVDs at full quality from my PC to my DirecTV DVR. I have several DVRs throughout my house that I would like to be able to watch any movie on demand rather than carry around a dvd to each room. Storage space is much cheaper these days so I have started to rip my movies onto my hard drive. First attempt was a VOB Passthrough, good quality video, however, no sound. Anybody been successful?

I use Works Great, easy to use, the developer is very responsive, and the program is very affordable ($14.99 last time I checked.) I have all my movies on a NAS and am running the TVShare on an old Pentium Xeon Server I have in the Garage. I have been able to serve movies to 5 Directv boxes without dropouts or any lag. The only thing I have to complain about this setup is it takes a log time to scroll through the movie list. I am sure it is because the speed of the network, and the age of the server and maybe a little with the DTV boxes. I am working on a new directory structure to make it easier. I would really like to create a “Catalog” with an IMDB feel and a button to launch the movie from the Box. I have not been able to figure out the DTV App programming yet.