Stream Blu Ray to PS3

I am trying to stream blu ray from my hard drive to the PS3 to watch backups I’ve made with AnyDVD. I can’t get it to stream without choppy playback and studdering every second. Standard definition works fine, as well as music and pictures. I’m trying to find out a good way to do this.

What I’ve got
2.6 dual core cpu
8800gt graphics
vista ultimate 64bit
4gb ram

hard wired through dir-655 DLink router to the PS3 about 25 feet away. Using PS3 media server.
I’ve tried replacing the cord, router, and using Tversity and WMP but nothing works. I hear on forums that people can get this to work, I’m just wondering if theres something Im missing. Thank you.

dir-655 is gigabit, and i’m sure ps3 got gigabit. question is does your PC have gigabit? CAT5e + cables?

also little details about video container/codecs would be helpful

I’ve noticed with the latest firmware that mpeg2 files stutter as well when they used to play fine

Thanks for the responses. I have a gigabit card inside the pc and am using cat6 cables. I am using the PS3 media server to stream over. As far as decoding and what not I’m very new to it. I followed the PS3 server setup and downloaded CCCP, corecodec, and ffdshow.

I have this working no problem over my GigE setup with Twonky as my server. I’m shocked windows media player works for you as a server, it won’t serve .m2ts files for me. You are using .m2ts files, right?

I also suggest trying PS3 Media Server and see your results. That just might work better for you.

Oh wait, I think by looking at your codec list you mention for your serving host you’re expecting your server to transcode Blu-ray movies from one format to another on the fly.

That’s not going to happen, even with a VERY fast PC you can’t convert Blu-ray HD video content from one format to another on the fly, it’s just too big. You’re going to have to convert your files ahead of time into .m2ts files with H.264 video and AAC or AC-3 audio (most likely).