Strategy for Princo 4x @ 8x for SOHW1633S?

Dear All,

I know there is a lot of ANTI-Princo-ism in this forum and a lot of talk about it’s LOW quality, well, I am a loyal princo-er. I have been buying princo’s by the truckload and they burn very well on my Lite-on 1633s as well as my Nu-Tech DDW-082 using default strategies (PI less than 22 and PIF less than 2). I wanted to know whether anyone has tried overspeeding these with success on this or similar drives because with some of my tinkering, it don’t seem to be really acceptable quality output. I am willing to tolerate a lower quality - but it has to be readable at the end of the day. So far, I have tried PRINCO8X01, PRINCO8X02, TYG01, RITEKG05 write strategies, and the result is pretty much similar. With the TYG01 and RITEKG05, the results were duds at the end, and you can see ripples at the edge of the disc - probably poor quality. With PRINCO8X01 and PRINCO8X02, the burn always completes, calibration at the beginning is a worrying 1 minute 20 seconds. The quality is poorish (PI less than 120, PIF less than 4) but it has high jitter, so much that my DVD-ROM slows down to 10X max, whereas when burnt with PRINCO strategy, it will hit 16.2X. Appreciates it if anyone has any information that would help me - I’ve got a hell of a lot of PRINCO - they are the most reliable CHEAP brand available in volume here in Australia. A lot of cheap minuses here are ONIDTECH and they don’t burn in most drives - even with LITEON produces strange results - low errors, ultra-high jitter where some drives read it all back, others don’t. I would appreciate if someone knows what strategy is good for ONIDTECH - haven’t tried many yet, afraid of flashing this new LITEON to death. It seems that flashing hangs at 100% for 90 seconds or so for every flash - gets my heart racing … Is this normal?

Maybe I’m asking too much in one post, but thank you all for all of your help and expertise - I don’t want to be spending too much time to try out every single strategy. Also, thanks to this great forum - it has really helped me a lot in the past.

Hi mate,
Until recently I was a loyal Princoer too. Then I got a really bad batch and I started to get really pissed off.
I think I speak for everyone here when I say they may burn okay today but down the track they will probably become unreadable.
It has already happened to me and I am now in the process of transferring the really hard to get stuff on to more stable media.
If you want my advice (and you’re not going to like this) forget the Princos and move on.
At the moment, my preferred option is Ricoh +R media which can be got for about $A1.25 a disc or maybe less.
LiteOns love this stuff which can be found under its own name at the Good Guys or as TDK +R 25 spindles which are available most places.
I have also just taken a punt on some Ritek discs from Rimedia which are supposed to be Ricoh too.
If you prefer -R have a look here for Taiyo Yuden which everyone talks about. They have a pretty good deal at the moment - 100 for $A67 I think.
Try this thread which might find very imformative with regard to Oz prices - I know I have.

This is what I have with Princos 4x genuine changed strategy following order
1st scan - Princo8x01 and
2nd scan - Princo8x02 at
Both discs 4x burn.

I also tried overspeeding succesfuly 6x Princo8x02 but calibration error at 8x so far.No need to post those scans.
Yes you are right that strategy swap for Princo 4x is not adviseable
Those burnt can be just worse than original strat.

Original strategy Princo 4x

Thanks for the deals, but i’mma getting mah princo’s at … 53cents per disc - none of mine have gone unreadable after 6-months - but some of my friends have… I have tried sticking to Ricoh and Ritek discs, but they are far too expensive for general use when I have … 400 to burn to backup stuff … (nevermind what) … well - i’m still gonna try again and again … although I doubt there being a better strategy … if anyone has any more advice - it would be appreciated … oh - and for some strategies, my 1633S stalls on switchpoints - is this normal too?

Wow, 53 cents a disc for Princos when you could have the best brand in the world for 67 cents.
Sorry but I don’t quite follow that logic?

not everyone gets to buy stuff from shops like meritline and stuff, cause not everyone lives in places where they ship…

btw - I’m not too sure I can trust online shopping - i get my princo from storefront shops… thanks anywayz :slight_smile:

I’ll buy more Princo DVD media. 16x for US$0.1.

Here in Australia - we don’t see 16x Princo’s … we seldom see 8x discs anywayz …