Strategies, what's that?


Been reading on this forum and on several websites, faq’s and google, but nowhere I can find a good explanation of what strategies are and why they are important. Is a higher strategy nummer better?

Please help me a little further in this magical world.



Welcome to the forum.
A writing strategy is a set of instructions within the drives firmware which instructs the drive to burn media in a certain way.
1, how fast the media should be burned, and at which speed the burn process should start.
2, how much laser power to apply to the dye.

There are many other instructions included in a write strategy, but the two above are probably the most important ones.

Newer strategy versions usually only contain more supported media. That does not mean that newer will be better.

Strategies are descriptions how to burn different types of media, stored in the firmware and used by the burner.
A higher strategy number is usually more up-to-date and more complete = better.

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