Strangest problem EVER!

Ok, so I’ve backed up most of my collection of about 200 movies now. Havent really had any problems so far until now. The problem I’m having is this , I can watch the backup up copy in my DVD player fine, no problems. But for some reason it shows up blank in my computer. I’ve made backups off of backups before too, and without any problem. When I check the properties it says 0 bytes available and 0 bytes written, like its a blank DVD with a total capacity of 0. IIRC, I had one hell of a time backing this one up the first time. It seems like I had to use DVDDecrypter. I could never get AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 to back it up without pixelation. I would just try to back up the original again, but it looks like my kids have been playing frisbee with it and it won’t even play LOL ! Anyone ever had this type of problem ? I’m using a Sony DRU800A with the latest firmware (K06 I believe). I just reloaded Windows XP Pro last night, but I do have a DVD encoder installed from ATI, and other backed up DVD’s are playing fine and able to be backed up again, sooooo… weird

AnyDVD is your problem…

ok… how would that be?

Try reading the DVD in another PC if you can, this will narrow down the possible origin of the issue :wink:

I think that what Chef wants to say is, as AnyDVD stays in memory and interferes all the time with DVD reading, maybe it’s the thing that prevents the OS to recognise your disc.