Strangest Iussue ive ever come across



I was watching a movie on a standalone divx dvd player called the Pioneer DV576A.
The disc the film was on logged no errors at all.
I swapped the video scart with the dvd scart.
We watched a film called ‘secret window’
Sound was way out of sync about 10 mins through and noticed the picture jumping a lot with text in red writing at the bottom of the screen saying ‘NICAM ERR’
I then stopped and played the disc again and notcied sound was in sync and didnt get that text anymore.
Before i stopped it though i removed the video scart completely from the scart switch box in case of interference, is interference possible though?
I was worried in case it was a bad burn but it cant be because it was in sync after.
Can’t be a bad disc either because again it was in sync.
This narrows it down to it either being an issue with the scarts or the player or even the T.V.

Have ne of u lot come across issuesl ike this before or maybe tell me what may have caused it?

Thanks very much

I’ve just noticed sound goes out of sync after it playing for about 2 minutes getting worse as time goes on.

Would the results on nero come up different if it was a bad burn?
My results was a dead straight yellow line all across which im assuming means its not a bad burn and sound should be in sync when played on a pc.

If it was a bad burn would it be out of sync everytime on those bits it was out of syc because sometimes it is and sometimes it isnt.

So is this the player not handling frames correctly?