Strangest burn ever

This is on my trusted MCC02RG20 media but burnt with my ASUS @ 4x, which I’ve never used before with this media.

The 4x scan is pretty darn good. 8x scan and also 12x scan are almost identical. However the 16x sucks. Then the TRT with my two BenQ drives sucks. TRT on fussy pioneer passes though. TRT on LG also passes fine. I’m just confused as to how the 16x scan could be so bad and TRT on the liteon be so bad. I guess there’s just something that you cannot measure with a home drive, which is causing the disc to be harder to read @ high speed.

I’ll probably use the disc anyways for PS2 since the read speed is probably not even going past 2x. Still seems weird though, any thoughts?

Btw this is a good example of why you should sometimes try out 16x scanning and also TRT all media, you can’t be certain from just a 4x/8x scan.

Really those TRT’s are not bad, no big dips.

Yeah I’m saying they are fine except for the liteon, it slows down and only reaches 10x. If I TRT a couple times it shows more dips in the beginning but that’s just a TRT I did first shot. So if the Pioneer could read @ 16x, it would almost certainly have a big slowdown or uncorrectable error. The 16x scan definitely correlates with the TRT in the liteon.

The Pioneer probably experiences no problem since it only reads @ 12x. The LG reads through anything so it’s useless, but I thought I’d do a TRT with it anyways.

Strange indeed. I’ve never seen a @16X scan reveal issues (that a @4X/8X scan did not) [I]in the first MBs[/I] of the burn. In my experience high-speed scans reveal possible issues mainly in the outer part of a disc, and sometimes (but not often) right after the first GB or so… but in the first 200MB? :eek:

Also, the Litey is the only drive to react negatively in a reading test… (in a peculiar way BTW, as the drive decides not to get back to max speed after the initial slowdown! I guess it’s a firmware quirk with this drive).

A second burn with same media and burner would help in deciding if it’s the burner/firmware/media/speed combination that causes this, or if it’s an isolated mechanical/optical issue with the disc itself: the location of the PIF spikes remind me of things I’ve seen with a couple of discs with so-so hub bonding.

You could examine the hub, and try [B]Dakhaas[/B]'s test: press firmly the hub region between your fingers and listen. If it goes “squeek”, you know something’s wrong.

I guess there’s just something that you cannot measure with a home drive, which is causing the disc to be harder to read @ high speed.
You guess very right IMO. :wink: - usual home testing (scans and TRTs) is limited to very partial aspects of media or burning quality…

LiteOn and Benq 18X/20X burners have a bug when scanning at 16X .
You just have to spin up the drive first by performing a TRT and when it reaches above 8X stop the TRT and immediately begin the 16X scan

Also , I think there is a bug with CD/DVD speed with LiteOn drives that sometimes when you do a TRT and after completing it , you start a new one , it starts at a lower speed and complete it without reaching the expected speed.

This happens also when burning iso images with CD/DVD speed . When I burn a disc at 16X fr example , it reaches 16X , but when I put another disc and selec 16X , it would write at 12X or even 8X :confused:

I tried burning with imgburn and it burnt 4 discs in a row with 16X speed that I selected

Very interesting, [B]minaelromany[/B] :slight_smile:

Isn’t it possible to achieve the same result by increasing the spin-up time?

I just edited my post , other “interesting” points revealed.

And , no ,increasing spin-up time did not help

Thanks minaelromany, this must be why I can’t scan well at 16x with my Lite-on, I will have to give it a try today.

[B]cd pirate:[/B]

Have you tried TRT in the Lite-ON combo drive?

@ Minaelromany - Good advice but I already know this and the drive spins up perfectly before the scan. This happens on both my DW1800 drives and other MCC02RG20 scan fine @ 16x, I’ve tried spinning it up with TRT and whatnot and the drive spins up perfectly before the scan starts. So unfortunately this isn’t the answer.

@ Franck - I’ll try pressing in the centre like you said. Also, other MCC02RG20 are fine when burnt by my LG (@4x) or Pioneer (@any speed). I think it may be something to do with the ASUS, I’ve got some more games to backup so I’ll try another 4x burn with it to see what occurs.

@TLO - Yep even tried the fussy liteon and it TRT’d fine in the part that shows errors :eek: This drive usually struggles with plenty of discs towards the outer regions, I am surprised there was no slowdown though.

Alright, definitely a write strategy issue. Same results on a different MCC02RG20 disc with the ASUS @ 4x.