Stranger Than Fiction

Yuppers hahahahaha

:bigsmile: I just tell them I’ve got a great memory, it’s just short, :bigsmile: ~ Mike

I used, worked great!!!

Thanks ELwash, I was just wondering. I’ve heard that Beta is working too. ~ Mike

I used, and it worked great for me too.

I am very glad that most of you got it copied okay but a few people had a few problems with it, This thread was for information for people who had problems and still have problems. And to give Fengtao some information back on the problems so that he may look into it. If you got it copied okay PLEASE don’t post in this thread because we will end up with many many pages of ( I copied it okay,) I hope you can see my point on this subject. Hope you all have a nice burning day :slight_smile:

Fengtao I reburnt the movie and it was kind of slow and pausing but it didn’t error out this time and it copied okay, I think that Sony is playing around with all those bogus video_ts files like Liongate Films did with Saw 3 so we might have a problem in the future with Sony again.Also see post #10 from Maineman
Thanks everybody for your imput and you Tom for your outstanding troubleshooting on this film :slight_smile:

In my opinion, we would have heard alot more complaints if it had a problem with this movie, it backed up great for me, and I tested in all modes.:clap:

Thanks Alan, like I said maybe it was just some glitch as I got it copied the second time