Stranger than Fiction cannot be read



Hello everyone, im pretty familiar with recording movies. I went out and got Stranger than Fiction this morning, and when i put it in my dvd-r it doesnt even read it. This is the only disc i’ve had this happen to. Any suggestions?


If it won’t play in your drive try it in a set-top player. But i would take it back if it doesn’t play in your pc drive and demand a new one or your money back.


So u dont think this is a protection problem


If it doesn’t read it then it must be bad i’d say.

You never said you was trying to copy it.


Yes i am trying to copy it, it just doesnt recognize in my drive at all


I didn’t have any problem with WS version R-1


First test if the problem is the same on other computer dvd drives.


well i went out and bought a dvd-r burner today, same problem. What can I do, it plays fine on my dvd player on my tv


This disc has some new issues. You might look here and see what they are coming up with: