Stranger slaps child in walmart

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. — Police say a 61-year-old man annoyed with a crying 2-year-old girl at a suburban Atlanta Walmart slapped the child several times after warning the toddler’s mother to keep her quiet.

A police report says after the stranger hit the girl at least four times, he said: “See, I told you I would shut her up.”

Where do the nuts come from, if it had been one of my grandkids he slapped the police would not have to worry about charging him just finding a hole to put the body in.

Where do the nuts come from, if it had been one of my grandkids he slapped the police would not have to worry about charging him just finding a hole to put the body in.

Ditto, but what I wonder about is that I didn’t read about anybody stepping in here.

Someone had to because he was arrested right then at least that the way the article reads. They sure left out a lot in the article. A lot of the walmarts in the south have off duty police working for them since the towns do not pay them enough to take care of the family. They do right here in my area. Maybe one of them stepped up and got this guy.

He was stopped from leaving the store by a fellow shopper I read. I don’t let strangers talk to my children. He would have been dead when his hand went up. People must advocate for their children, with extreme prejudice.

I’ve been tempted to slap someone in a WalMart many times.

No not a crying child, but more than once or twice the parents of such children.

Sadly I have let my self-control get the better of me.


I’m with AllanDeGroot I’ve wanted to more than slap some parents of children in Walmart.
Many were not even with their parents.
For example :How many of you have seen a child bouncing a ball down an isle with the parent no where in sight ?
I guess maybe I should get Walmart security to hold a child that is alone till the police & Social Services arrive.I bet they wouldn’t cooperate from Walmart on up.
I also have an example where to a degree I gave another persons child a lesson in a grocery store.The child about 4 years old was running down the isle full speed .I didn’t move he bounced off my leg & landed on his butt& started crying.His mother sure gave me a dirty look.To which I replied he ran into me .Watch him better & this won’t happen.
Now what if instead of being a 200 pound man I had been an 80 year old small frail woman ?
The child knocked me down & broke my hip.I bet the parents wouldn’t have wanted to pay for that.
So I say watch your children :make them mind & take the crying ones outside .Or don’t bring them to the store at all.I bet Walmart wouldn’t have made the parents leave if the man had complained to them.I also bet if he had just started shouting at the parents at the top of his lungs Walmart would have asked him to leave.

Well, hitting the child was of course unjustified and anyone doing it should be punished… but reading cholla’s post made me think that there are always two sides to a story :slight_smile:

Walmart makes a lot of money of those women with their crying babies and I would bet they would jump on that side of the aisle in a heartbeat. As far as the baby slappers, having raised my son since 2 months , as a full time father, at home, I have never had to touch my child, he does not wine , does not cry, never did, unless he was hungry. At 9 he is a straight A’s student who is also playing Violin and reads at least 4 books a week.

No one should ever hit a child. It is always the parents fault. Remember, you’re in “Walmart” for God’s sake, if you want civility, go to “Target”, the store with the red dot.

Cholla, I agree parents do not make there children behave as they should in stores but after raising mine and my grandchildren I can tell you they will sometimes cry in a store and outside of taking them outside there not much you can do. Per the article the mother was trying to get the child to stop crying but had not done so. This man had no right to slap the child. As for as you letting the child run into you I see no problem with that you knew it would not hurt him but might teach him a listen he needed. I will speak up to a parent if I see there kids playing with toys they should not be playing with. Most of the time does no good but at least if I do it in front of the kid he knows I think what he is doing is wrong.

@ Zathros : I’m glad you were able to raise a child with the manners he apparently has.I have been around parents who have had this kind of success without spanking. It’s good if you can do it that way.
I was raised when spanking was OK & even neighbors in my neighborhood would give a child not theirs a swat or two if they were misbehaving at their house.This was usually sanctioned by the childs parents.In my case my parents would call the parents that did the swatting if I told them about getting swatted.
The only time I did that I got a second spanking from my parents over it.
In this day & time I wouldn’t spank someones child even with their permission.
Recognizing which way the pendulum has swung.
As an adult looking back I think I deserved most of the spankings I got.
So I don’t have a problem with parents that spank.Some children are just stubborn.I know I was.
@ samlar : That was in my post take the child outside.As for the man hitting a child especially not his pure stupidity on his part. How could he not have realized that would end with him in jail.
I usually don’t bother with speaking to the parent as it is as you said is usually ignored.

As I posted but to elaborate.In the times we now live in a parent leaving their child unsupervised in a store is guilty of neglect.& lucky their child has not been kidnapped .
Part of the problem is the store won’t get involved & call the police & insist social services be called by the police.
If as an individual I tried to hold the child till the police arrived I would be in the same boat as the man that hit this child.The store security could most likely with no problem.

Here’s some food for thought schools are still allowed to give swats.At least in my state.
What’s that but someone else hitting a child not theirs?
Parents are held responsible for their children of certain ages actions both civilally & sometimes criminally.Yet if a parent locks their child in the childs room as a means of discipline the state can take that child & maybe their other children.
The state however can decide it is alright to lock a child in a cell.Maybe even the same children it would take away from a parent that did the same.
Try to figure out the justice in that.

Cholla, I agree with you, leaving children unattended in a store is child neglect. Letting your child run rampant should get you kicked out.

Strong wording and facial expressions will get the message to 99.9% of children, yours or not (same for adults).

I was raised in the age of spanking. I didn’t deserve any of them. My mother even apologized for all the beatings she gave me. In reality, when my father died there were 7 of us and all things being considered, I still don’t know how she (my mother) did it. So taking some beatings was going to happen, especially with a 3rd world Mom. She did the best she could. These days and age people should know better The topic was about the idiot who smacked the child. If someone ever laid a hand on my child, I would probably be arrested for aggravated assault with the intent to kill. Really.

I always carry a set of Nunchakas in my car, know how to use them, and a crowbar, and a pocket knife small enough to be legal (4 inches) but fat enough ( Bowie style) to do the job. I have been assaulted 3 times in the last 8 years from people I did not know or did anything to. The last time involved 7 Danbury Police and the other person was arrested, even though he never got in a punch and I got in quite a few.

You must protect yourself and be the ultimate advocate for you children and family, and sometimes friends.

I guess the difference is a spanking is not a beating.IMO.
A beating is beyond what should be done in almost all cases.
Self-defense is a legal right in my state & in most of the USA.
My brother has a concealed carry permit & is usually armed.I don’t have one because I refuse to pay for a right that is already given by the Second Ammendment of the US Constitution.
It has been many years since I have needed to fight.I have never been mugged.
I usually carry a small knife but could legally carry a larger one as long as it isn’t concealed.I have some martial arts skill .Regular objects can become a readily available weapon if necessary.

It posted twice so I edited out the second post

A spanking is not a beating, I agree. I have not had to do it, but under very special situations, I can understand it. “What Father chastises not a son he loves”. [I]Bible Quote".[/I]

You right about the gun thing too. There would have to be some way of keeping track of the criminals, who already have guns and don’t pay attention to the laws anyway, a Catch-22.

I have been assaulted 3 times in the last 8 years, by wannabees , all in upscale towns, except for the Danbury assault, which is a nice little town, but I wouldn’t call it upscale, middle to upper working class. (Which is what I am, economically).

I know we’re way off topic so I won’t go too much into this.
You could never keep track of criminals with their guns.From what I understand the ones they use are usually unregistered or in the case of the bottom level criminal stolen.
So registering guns mostly keeps track of the law abiding citizens guns.
IMO this is so the government knows where to start taking them if they make it illegal for a citizen to own a gun.This has been done in many other countries.
If people like yourself were allowed to carry without a permit then the assaults would have been stopped .IMO citizens without a criminal record (& even some criminals that have served their time.) should be allowed to carry any time & any place. That is the true meaning of the “right to bear arms”.The founding fathers of the USA realized that neither the military or law enforcement could always be there to protect.So a civilian citizen would need to protect themselves.
Some have tried to tie the right to hunting only but in 1787 to 1790 when the Constitution became law.A rifle to hunt with was necessary for the survival of many.So it was a given with no need to have a law that allowed it.So the Second Ammendment is to allow a citizen to protect their self from criminals or the government if need be.
This is from a US citizens perspective.If you are a citizen of another country then abide by that countries laws or change them.

I don’t know how far off topic it is but I am sure if when that man started menacing that women and she (and maybe others) pulled out a gun when he started he would have stopped or been dead. This guy is lucky because I know many people (including myself) who could have taken him out without any weapons, and given him injuries that would have substantially changed his life. A thumb into corotid artery (main neck artery, feeds brain), is a good started in defending yourself and brings immediate results. Of course this could bring immediate death, then you will be charged with manslaughter, so go for the kick in the balls.

@ Zathros ; Looks like not many are posting in this topic anyway so I don’t guess it matters if we take it off topic.
I’m all for some discussion on self defense & martial arts techniques.
I want to discuss the “thumb into corotid artery” this is not a good technique for the untrained.I even question it for the trained.It is more likely to dislocate the thumb than actually knock out the attacker.It also has to be spot on in the aim.
There is a martial arts form that uses this but they also use regularly practiced strengthening techniques specifically for the thumb.
For the average person it would be better to learn the “blood” choke.This choke has many names.
If you really favor a thumb punch a better technique is to use the thumb knuckle.
Practice holding your thumb tightly to the side of your closed fist.The end of the thumb should be tucked into the “V” of the first knuckle of the index finger.This usually prevens it from being pulled back & dislocated.It is used like a knife jab.
As far as taking the guy out for slapping this child.I can’t say I would have.Maybe the article doesn’t have all the facts.My problem is there is no mention of this woman defending her child.I’ve known women who would have jumped on him & bit his ear off.For me to step in I would have had to see her at least try to defend her child.
Last as posted I’m all for every citizen being armed ( except for some ex-cons) & of course current criminals.
I will explain why I think some ex-cons should be allowed the right to bear arms again.
I’m not afraid of allowing the accountant convicted of fraud who has served his time carrying a gun.The muderers should not be out anyway .
I wish that the line in the Constitution had been “right & duty to bear arms”.That would have eliminated any question of every citizen of adult age being armed.
Sure there would probably be more killings every year.A lot of those would be criminals.

I agree with you on technique. If you have someone down and want to stop them from wiggling too much a severe massage on corotid artery could do that trick and does not involve blows which could intern damage your own hand. A knuckle would be best I agree. I wondered why the mother did not defend but she cold have froze. I have seen that reaction too often, in men too. I have seen that reaction in men who have attacked me and got a completely different response from what they expected, which left them open and caused their demise.

This is a gun I have been considering getting as it uses the same ammo as my rifle and is intimidating enough that just the showing of it might stop an assailant, the gun sure would, the Magnum Research Inc’s BFR.

The biggest obstacle to this would be my wife, (of course). They make a nice scope for this gun. I also considered a cane sword but they are extremely illegal. I use a cane sometimes as I have a spinal cord injury. I am designing one that breaks down into a nunchaka, with the handle side being a little longer.

I hadn’t thought of the mother freezing but that is a possibility.
I think some of these ball canes would be completly legal & a good defense weapon.I prefer a short spear or staff technique as opposed to a swing.

Of course any weapon (arms) are really legal according to the US Constitution.But I’m sure both of us are like many others we just don’t have the money to fight it all the way to the Supreme Court.So we stick with what we can do legally.
Al least Texas passed the Castle doctrine.
For a revolver I would like one of these:
Just the sight of it is intimidating.
I also like this one:

I think I am going to make me on of those canes. They kind of remind me of the ball stick weapons the Zulu’s use, very effective. A Cane with the right kind of nylon tip could be very effective as a jabbing weapon.