Strangely Bad Burns With 2 Different Drives on a PC!

Hi Everyone!
I have 2 DVD-Burners, A Lite-on 812s which I bought 2 years ago and a Benq DW1650 which I bought about a month ago.
I was really unsatisfied with the results of the lite-on since it burned even the most expensive media with many errors and about half DVDs were being written with unrecoverable read errors!!
So I finally got angry enough and using recommendations of you fellas in this forum I got the new drive which is a benq 1650 which of course I hoped would solve the problem.
But it didn’t! The write quality with the benq is a little better than the lite-on, but it gets nowhere near the scans which I see in these forums even when I use the best media available to me and some of my burned DVDs are not readable with the Benq itself although they’re written using good media like Verbatim 16x.
I always thought my lite-on is a bad drive, but the results I got from the benq convinced me that maybe a bad setting in my PC is causing all these problems?? After all, how much is the chance of 2 bad drives?!
I’m using Windows XP SP2 on a PC with AMD Sempron 2600+, 250GB IDE Maxtor HDD, ASUS A7N8X-X Motherboard with NVIDIA nForce 2 chipset, both the drives are DMA Enabled and my benq is the master drive and it’s Upgraded to BCIC. I’m mostly using Nero7 and Alcohol 120% as the burning software.
My Questions:

  1. Since I’m a gamer and I need performance I’ve always used NVIDIA nForce Drivers in my PC which includes an IDE Driver. Could it be the cause of the problem?
  2. How about using an IDE hard drive? Could it be a big mistake although it’s being connected with another cable?
  3. Do you know of any other conditions which could cause every drive attached to a PC to fail in write quality?
  4. I recently got a DVD-Video which was written with Princo DVD-R 8x which is a very cheap media in my country, but it got a 96% quality score in nero cd-dvd speed. which dvd writer can burn cheap media with that quality? can I do that with my benq pleaaaase??
    Thanks a lot.

Precisely what media are you using and at what speed. Nero’s cd-dvd speed , disc info tab, is very helpful here.

Also one of your scans of media burned on the 1650 would be informative.


Alcohol might give issues, so uninstall it for troubleshooting.

My Questions:

  1. Since I’m a gamer and I need performance I’ve always used NVIDIA nForce Drivers in my PC which includes an IDE Driver. Could it be the cause of the problem?
    Yes. Nvidia IDE drivers are known to be a problem source especially with optical drives. Uninstall the IDE drivers using Nvidia’s setup utility (in add/remove programs) and see if that helps.


I don’t know how important it is, since I think my pc’s problem is one of the settings. But here it is:
It’s one of my frequently used media (TDK DVD+R 8X):

PIE ok while not impressive.
PIF are pretty much ok except for the end too.

Could it be quality variations? Does other media do this too?

Nice point.
But since I’m really addicted to Alcohol 120%, Can I have it installed without using it to burn DVDs? Or even if I don’t use it to burn, its virtual drives still cause problems? Can I use any other virtual drive manager? Actually many burn programs of these days, make virtual drives when you install them, don’t they?

Many of the scans looked like this.
Using cheap media caused the drive to waste the DVD without burning it to the end! (Samsung-Princo DVDs, my crappy lite-on at least burned them to 100%)
One of the good disks(Verbatim) Scored 96% on my friend’s NEC 3551, but my benq recognized it as a blank dvd and my lite-on gave it 5%!!

You see…
It seems logical that this problem belongs to some wrong setting in my pc.
alcohol and nvidia IDE are good candidates!

Try scanning at 8x which is the recommended speed and used here for all Benq scans. Then post the scan back here. I think it’ll be much better.

Those disks are especially good, just average I think. My 1650 doesn’t burn them overly well, whereas my Liteon does a pretty decent job.

Since there is a problem, you should avoid having any software installed, that might influence the burning process for troubleshooting.

Can I use any other virtual drive manager?
What I wrote above is valid for all virtual drive softwares, as these always install some drivers that might be buggy.
Actually many burn programs of these days, make virtual drives when you install them, don’t they?
No. You can choose not to install virtual drives during the install process.

If your problem is resolved, feel free to reinstall Alcohol and see, if your problem returns. In that case, contact the manufacturer for a bugfixed version.

btw: We don’t like to see your desktop. Have you seen the tiny Floppy icon in CD/DVD Speed? Use that to create the screenshots you want to post here.


Try scanning at 8x for the Benq, 4x for the Lite-On (forum standards). Update CD/DVD Speed to ver. 4.70 at CDSpeed2000

Are you using QSuite (Benq’s application for setting Solidburn, WOPC, and Overspeed) at all? You may need to play with these settings a little to achieve the quality you desire.

Is your hard drive defragmented or nearly full? Are you using an 80 wire IDE cable for your burner(s)?

First of all remove the nforce ide drivers as suggested, if that doesn’t help try the other suggestions.

Check burst rate with cdspeed and post the result.

Could someone please remind me what is the problem with nforce ide drivers?

Sometimes the nForce drivers can interfear with the IDE transfer. The newer ones actully dont install any IDE drivers if you have SATA on board>

With regrads to the high PIF error at the end of the disc, most likely cause is scanning at to high speed. Use 8x as the scanning speed. I use 16x on some discs but any sort of imbalance on the disc will cause high error rates at the edges, infact that 16x scan on a CMC disc is one of the best I have seen.

Thanks TimC and jhtalisman. Looks like scanning at 8X gave much better results with the same disk. But my problem with the cheap media still exists. The first thing I’ll do would be to uninstall nForce IDE Drivers in one of my operating systems. I’ll post the results.
I like to try burning on cheap media but I don’t know even if I manage to get a 99% on a cheap media like princo, does it mean that the disk would last for many years???
The Scan:

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I apologized for that post friend.
I didn’t think that post would make people here so upset. I’m sorry. I don’t want to be inappreciative to people who helped me.