Well,it’s been awhile since I called upon your wisdom…But holy hell,do I EVER need it now!!!One day my( E:)LITEON SHM165H6S just quit working,wouldn’t even recognize a blank,just as if the bay was empty.Then as if to go from broke to bizzare I went into “MY COMPUTER” & it showed a "REMOVABLE DISK G:"that was full…Problem is I never had a G: drive?!?Even though I’m out of warranty with Dell this nice lady spent a looong time trying to figure out what was going on.She had no luck either.So,if any of you pros have any ideas,I’d sure appreciate them…Thanx in advance…
Thanx in advance…

Have you got Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed on your PC?

If so, a setting or two may need changing.

strangebrew;I’m going to guess some on this .On my computer & it’s not a Dell my G: is one fo my card slots I’m not sure which one but it’s not the one the SD card from my camera uses.Anyway could someone have shoved a card or some foreign object in one of the card slots?
Next have you defragged the G: drive you don’t have?
Next I would remove all the cables from the Liteon >Unpluging the computer first then plug it back in & reboot.See if the G: drive is still there.
BTW are there any files in the G: drive?

nope Arachne…neither one…
cholla…I’ll check the slot,then try defragging…thanx to both of you…

gonna calm down and drink(quite)a few beers can’t even get the damn thing to post right,wii chill,and try again tomorrow

got my act together a bit better now…see if I can talk anything but jibberish LOL…I tried to defrag & a window popped up that wouldn’t let me.There was no card(or anything else pushed into a slot.As far as files being on G,it shows full,but it also shows 0 bytes.Finally what good would it do to remove the plugs from E Drive when G Drive is showing up??
Thanx much…

strangebrew;There is no logical reason for your G: drive showing when it has no card in it.But this happened at approxamately the same time your E; drive stopped detecting discs.
Does your E; drive show in Windows Explorer(My Computer) ?
Start with this shutdown your computer & unplug the power cord leave it unplugged about 10 minutes.Then plug the power cord back in.Start your computer.
Check to see if that helps.
If not go to your Control Panel /Device Manager & uninstall the G: card if you know which one it is.If not uninstall all the USB card s probably under Portable Devices.Reboot & Windows should reinstall them.
If that doesn’t fix the G: being full then .
Try uninstalling the E: drive in Device Manager & reboot.
See if that fixes either the G: drive being full ot the E: drive being able to read a disc.
If none of that has worked then.
It’s time to unplug the cables to the E: drive.This should be done on the motherboard end.The reason for this is to see if the E: drive cable has possibly developed a short that’s being read as a full G: drive.& making the E: drive not work.
I would reboot after the disconnection of the E: drive leaving it disconnected.
If none of that works then I will try to think of something else.

wow…now I got things so fubar I don’t know whether I’m coming or going!!!Looks like on top of everything else I need a new serial # for CloneDVD2!!!To worsen matters we don’t know if the old info in my name or my wifes…I shot 'em an E-mail and hopefully we can get it straightened out…Hell,for all I know that could be a part of the problem…
We’ll see…

strangebrew ; My suggestions shouldn’t have fubarred your computer.If it did you already had some seriously corrupted files.
I would suggest letting your computer do a Scandisc or error checking whichever it has.
All uninstalling from Device Manager should do is reinstall the hardware after a reboot.It just give the OS a way to reinstall the driver files for the hardware.If the driver files aren’t corupt then it should cause no problems.
The deep shut down with all power off should never cause a problem.& A lot of the time fixes one.
None of my suggestains would do anything to the CloneDVD2 program.
So I still say go back to the start & unplug the E: LITEON SHM165H6S cables from the motherboard & leave it that way .
When you do any work inside your computer you need to have the power cord unplugged & you need be grounded to the computer chassis at All times to prevent static discharge.I hope you already knew that if not I’ve now learned to put it in any post where I suggest going inside a computer.
After unpluging the LITEON SHM165H6S reboot a couple of times in a row.

you misunderstood my friend,in NO way did I think anything you suggested did anything wrong…All I said was now I have to get another number for my DVD2 & I don’t know whos info the name is under…sorry for the misundersyanding bud,trust me,I do appreciate your help…

strangebrew;No problem I just misunderstood don’t know if this will help but this is the registry location of the CloneDVD2 in my registry maybe the same in your windows registry.If it is maybe it will be enough.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Elaborate Bytes\CloneDVD\Key]

If the Key number is still in the registry copy it from the “Value Data” in the String value.To do this right click on the String value in the right registry window select modify.Then place the cursor over the highlighted “Value Data” & copy.
Open a “notepad” in it put this:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Elaborate Bytes\CloneDVD\Key]
“Key”=“Your key number”

Paste the copied key number copied from “Value Data” Where I put "Your key number " there should be parenthesis on both ends of the number.
Now with the “File” pulldown in the notepad select save as & save it as Key.txt.To a location you can find it in.
Now right click on the file & rename it. Key.CloneDVD & double click on it.The file extension is .CloneDVD

Can’t seem to find the number…Gotta e-mail in to slysoft,hopefully they can help me w/ what I need…
Once again,thanks for all the help…
happy daze