hi all i have two new games by Jowood hotel giant and industry giant and dont seem to beable to back them up clony reconises as securom new but i have made several back ups of this protection including WC3 and NWN with perfect results the strange thing is that ive made images with 5 different cdrw or rom drives and the images wont work with D/T either version 3.16 have tried many different settings in clone cd but always with subs enabled as this is required for this protection type so if anyone knows if this is some sort of modifided version or have a setting that might do the trick could you please let me no also i have made images with blind read with no success either thanks:confused:


I believe these are protected with a new version of protect cd and may not be copiable at present. You could try the protect cd profile created by FutureProof which you can download from the profiles sticky on this forum. Obviously, fp has had some success but I suspect you’ll need to be lucky with these.


thanks for the reply and that figures why i cant back them up is there an easy way to find that info from FP :wink:


See here .