Strange zipping issue



Has anybody noticed that zipping the marked files in a folder results in dramatically different zipping-time and file-size than marking the folder that contains the files and zip it. Why is that? How is compression-rate depending on the reason? I don’t use any compression to have maximum data safety. For archiving purposes: Is there a very different coordinational structure inside the zip file with the two different methods? Is one better than the other in terms of long term data integrity?


That will depend on what software you using? And since you didn’t provide any information that would help identify what the problem might be. It’s like grabbing for air without knowing exactly what your talking about in term of the software?


It’s 7Zip 4.65 on Win764 outputting to standard “zip” not to “7z”. But my question is a general question: Why is it different to zip certain stuff vs. to zip same stuff put in a single folder as the top directory level. Why does ANY zipping software behave differently in the two different situations? :slight_smile:

When I take let’s say 20 .docs and mark and zip them, system begins to search around and to run for a longer time. However, same 20 .docs simply put into a folder first and then zipped as that folder, it runs through very fastly and easily.