Strange XP prob with my DVD burner and reader

Hi, I’ve just joined this great forum (can you tell?) and hope someone can help me with a strange problem I have.

I have Windows XP for home use (I do also have WinXP Pro, but I haven’t loaded it yet), I have service pack 1, but not 2 installed. I have a Sony DW-18 burner and a Samsung SD-616 rom drive (secondary master and slave - I had another hdd hooked up as primary slave but I ripped it out and stuck it in my xbox :slight_smile: ). All was well until last Sunday week, when I reformatted my hard drive and now my system loads up both DVD drives as SCSI (according to the device manager) which they aren’t, and although the rom reads quite ok, the burner just won’t burn now.

I’ve tried removing them from the system, but I’m relatively new to using WinXP, and I can’t seem to figure out how to manually tell the system that they are not SCSI devices, so WinXP just loads them both back up as SCSI again (although at one stage during my experimentations, the DVD Rom drive loaded as a generic CD rom drive - but reverted back again to SCSI DVD again the next time).

I’ve downloaded a driver (install.exe) file for the SD-616 (haven’t tried that yet), but I can’t seem to find an install package for the DW-18. I have been reading about flashing the drive so that it’s recognised as a Lite-On, but that’s not really the problem I’m having, and the system worked fine before I reformatted. I am trying to use both Nero 6 and Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.1 (I can’t remember if I used force aspi drivers before or not, maybe this is something too). To be truthful, I’m not even sure if the problem with the burner not burning IS the fact that WinXP is loading it as SCSI, but one thing at a time, I guess.

Is that enough info? Here’s the rest of the system:
Asus A7N8X-X AMD NForce2 MB
Asus 9200 SE 128MB ATI Radeon D-sub
512 PC3200 5ns Ram
usual peripherals and one slightly confused user.

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.

I’d start by removing Roxio - well known to cause problems with other burn proggies!

Ok, ta for that, I can do without it :slight_smile:

Any other suggestions? Anyone?

Perhaps we could see a screenshot of your Device Manager - with SCSI and RAID controllers, IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers & DVD/CD-ROM drives all expanded?

Have you removed only the drives or the complete sec. IDE channel?

Thanks for all your help people, and sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve managed to sort out the problem.

I realised that I had taken my primary slave hard drive out, and had left it dangling, with the dvd writer and the dvd reader as secondary master and slave (which I know is not a good idea to have them both on the same bus, but hey, it was working before). I’m not entirely sure if that actually was the problem, because I had reformatted my hard drive during the discovery process, and it could’ve even been something to do with that, that fixed it, I dunno. Anyway, I swapped the reader over to the primary slave, reformatted the hard drive, upgraded to WinXP Pro, and all seems to be fine now. Thanks again for all the help :slight_smile: