Strange wireless problem (Fixed)



I thought I would post a recent problem I had with my laptop connecting wirelessly . It took me a couple of hours to figure out why. I should have been quicker but I wasn’t.

What happened was I recently bought a receiver with two remote wireless cameras . I got in 'new in box" from a seller on ebay . It was.

It has 3 channels . Each camera has to have its’ own channel. So I figured I would use channel 1 & 3 to separate them. This worked for the cameras .

The problem was channel 3 was jamming my wireless router .
But only when I had the camera with the #3 channel on .

I thought I would post this for anyone that may have a similar problem .
The second part is the cameras & receiver are supposed to have a max range of 330 feet . So in theory I might have caused a neighbor the same problem . Or may still be when I use these cameras.
For me channel 1 & 2 cause no problems .
So if you suddenly start having a problem connecting to your wireless router & can’t figure out why. And you haven’t started using a wireless device like these cameras. Maybe one of your neighbors has.


True that. There is way too much stuff in the 2.4GHz band.