Strange way to backup a DVD - but a question of subtitles

Ok, I have a question. I found a method of backing up some DVD’s that I really like since I can put 3 movies on a disc (I’m not a quality freak as long as they are watchable and I can save some space in my dvd-cases and some media useage and they are still very good quality). Here is what I do and a problem I think I will have…

1.) Open DVD Shrink. Take the check-box out of “Split VOB Files into 1GB chunks (recommended)” under the Output Files tab in preferences. Also in preferences put the Target DVD Size on custom and have it set to 1024MB.

2.) Open up a DVD Disc, Re-author, select Main Movie and rip out and audio tracks/subtitle tracks you don’t want. This normally, with compression, knocks the file size to under 2 gigabytes.

3.) Backup the movie to the hard disk - this creates the other BUP and IFO files for the movie obviously but leaves the vob file as 1 file, doesn’t split it into 2-3 files.

4.) Open Nerovision Express - Import these VOB files into it. The great thing is that you can normally get 2-3 movies on a disc and it imports it as ONE (1) file instead of having 10-12 different mpeg files from the full version. Quality isn’t bad, at least I don’t notice any pixelation as of yet, I bet it’s no worse than running AVI’s in this method.

Here is the question. If I leave the tick in English subpictures to keep those subtitles will Nerovision Express just totally ditch out those subtitles or will it keep them and you can turn them on in the DVD Player? I haven’t tried this yet and guess I should with a +RW or something so I don’t make coasters but feeling a tad lazy here and figured I ask to see if anyone has experimented with this.

Thanks as always!