Strange Verbatim Problem

I have a Cendyne Lightning III 40x12x48 (actually is a verbatim). Started reading about overclocking and flashed with mtk to 48125W (VS08). Everything went fine and xp recognized it as a Liteon 48x12x48. Then decided to go to 52x after talking to my friend who has gone to 52x on his same drive. Now no matter which firmware for a 52246S I use (6s07,6s08,6s0a), the motherboard bios does not detect it and xp thinks it is a TE52R-6S harddrive. Any ideas guys? This one has me stumped. I read on a firmware site that the 40s and 48s use the mediatek chipset 5 and the 52s use a mediatek chipset 6. Could this have something to do with it? If so, how could my friend have got his to work?:confused:

You cannot go any higher than 48x12x48 with a 40x12x48 drive! Go back to the VS08 firmware. I assume that your friend’s drive was a 48126S whereas yours was a 40125S. That would explain why he could overclock his.

I will pass on your sympathies for his research skills and thanks.:rolleyes:

I guess I didn’t edit it in time! Word up anyways! :cool: