Strange tray behaviour

I have a HP 630c DVDRW drive, I checked it out and it’s a BenQ 1620 rebadge.

In the last two days, the tray has been acting weird, where when I eject, it doesn’t come all the way out, then after a slight pause, it goes all the way. When I load the tray, it goes all the way in, and then pushes back out a little bit.

Obviously, in this state, it wont read any discs. If there is a disc in the drive, it makes some totally horrible noises.

Any suggestions?

Try the drive in another computer and boot into DOS and try to access some media.

Thanks for the reply, Chef.
Attached the drive to another computer and I loaded up an old Windows 98 boot disk. The drive did the same things, and continually gave me the Disk Error, Abort, Retry, Fail.

Is my DVD burner toast?