Strange title change

Kindly aks the Admins to make an inquiry into the matter of unusal title change, presumably by a hacker.

Thank you in advance.

Your request is duly noted.

We will launch a full scale investigation. However, please be aware that it may take several weeks before a investigation committee is formed, another few weeks for them to elect the chairman, even more weeks to investigate the actual complaint and perhaps 2 months to produce their concept report…after which another period will be needed for internal discussions before the report can be published as final.

The answer is acknowledged with due respect to the professional, thorough and time-consuming procedure that is in unison with the pace of the XXI. century and which reflects the proper adjustments to it of the CDF Management.

Every joke has a limit. In this case it was reached now (see date and time of post).

Delete my CDF account.

Consider it done.