Strange things happening here

Hi all.
I’ve just flashed my 40125S to the 48125W VS06.
In CloneCD everything’s ok but Nero shows some strange things. When I go to “choose recorder” It says it’s the 48125W and the maximum write speed is 48x. But when I go there for a second time it shows it can only do 40X!!! Also I can only choose 40x max when I try to burn a CD. Even if I shut down Nero and run it again it still says 40x speed. The only way to make it display the 48x speed again is by rebooting XP.
Has anyone else noticed the same thing?

Try a media that is capable of 48x, as soon as you but a 40x CDR in there it will change to 40x.

I don’t have any 48x speed certified CDRs so I can’t try that yet but I think it’s very weird Nero diplays the drive can only do 40x speed write. Would that mean that if I put in a 12x speed certified medium it displays the writer can only do 12x speed max the next time I go to recorder info?

It’s not about the disc’s rated speed, it’s about SmartBurn which limits the burn speed according to the media. Get a copy of SmartBurn.exe from LiteOn, it will tell you what speed a specific CDR will burn at.

OK thanks