Strange things happen with 708 UF!

Recently i bought a 708 UF and connected it via USB 2.0 to my computer. Everything looked fine… My XP recognized the drive right away, and so did nero. Then i started to notice strange things…

For ex. after i burned a disc (DVD), plextor drive would not recognize it! I immediately switched the disc to an internal dvd drive i have and everything was fine! I rebooted and hoped that it was all just a glich in the system caused by nero. After the reboot, 708 would still not recognize the disc! Note that before the burning process all the discs were recognized as blank as should be. However, 3 out of 6 burned dvd discs were readable by plextor 708 while all of them were in the other drive.

Another thing is that when i try to rip a dvd movie to my computer, 708 reaches a speed of just X2.0 (no less and no more)while my 2 year old dvd-cd-rec drive reached much higher speeds. In addition, plextor could not rip some discs.

And finally, more of a question than a certified problem. Can 708 UF have DMA activated? because in the properties this choice is inactive.

Thank you in advance and i am sorry for the length of this thread.

DMA is for IDE interface, if you connect your drive through USB then there cant be any DMA business.

About 2x rip speed - it is mentioned in FAQs on this very forum, read them first!

Well, my PX-708A drive with IDE interface writes and reads DVD+R/+RW fine, but has troubles with CDRW reading…
Guess you just need to go through software configuration and if everything seems ok, then contact plextor support.

Here are some other things you can try:

How do I run the diagnostic self-test on the PX-708UF?

I presume you have bought the PX-708UF with its own external case and that you are not using a PX-708A drive with another external USB 2.0 case? If you are using the PX-708A drive with another external casing then please take out the drive and try it internally to see if the case is the problem or the drive. Please report back!

Ps. Welcome to the forums, Apollon!

and no i am not using a 708A with an external case. It is the original 708UF shipped from the company.

One other thing is that i noticed that in the properties of the drive it is mentioned as 708A although XP recognized it immediately and correctly as an UF model.

I also noticed some scratches on the dvd media after i tried to burn one from a bulk dvd stack i bought. And now that i remembered, something similar happened to another dvd from the same stack (manufacturer PRINCO mentioned the person that sold em) only this time the dvd had a very obvious round diffuse mark around the center of the disc!

Do you think that all this has anything to do with the fact that i have been using the drive all along set to the test mode (set from the rear panel)???