Strange test results with nero cd-dvd speed and mcc 004

hello everybody!

today i discovered that cd-dvd speed shows very high pi error rates, when i set the speed to 14*. when setting the speed to max or below 14* the results show an all right burn. one year ago, when i last tested media (mcc004 too, but another package) my burns where constantly at around 20 pi but with the speed setting fixed. my burner is a nec3540a. see the pictures, they are all from the same disc:

maxspeed, scan intervall 1ecc, looks like a good burn?!

but with speed setting to 14* it looks like a bad burn (gives error rates aroung 160-400 on other mcc004, that read out very good):

setting speed to max makes everything all right:

same with 1* quick scan, there seems to be low enough pi to make the disc live 500 years :slight_smile:

so, i strongly wonder should i consider the 14* speed setting as rubbish and use max or should i rely on 14* and consider all other settings rubbish?
i want my mcc to be around <60 pi to be sure they´ll have a long lifetime


An NEC is not a reliable scanner, and in general, the default scanning speed is considered to be 8x, so you should be using 8x for the scanning. Without that, it cannot be determined if this is a “good” burn. If you really want to have it tested with a 1ECC scanner, then you need to use a Liteon or Plextor drive for this (although I would recommend a Liteon scanning at 4x with KProbe2).

I doubt with the variable quality of MCC media these days that you’ll be able to guarantee each spindle you buy will have really low error rates. As it stands, though, if you only have an NEC to scan with, you won’t be able to know for sure how good the burn really was until you put it into a LiteOn scanner.

by the way, welcome to the forum.

thanks! yes, it seems thiese mcc are not as good ad the ones i used to have. optically the burnt area on the media looks quite “unsteady”, whereas on the old media it was a perfect continous area… shit that i bought200 pieces…