Strange TDK spindles



The other day when i was visiting some hardware store i encountered upon some very strange TDK CDrs…

A Cake contained 100 Cdrs 700MB and no certified cds, as far as i can recall.

The cdrs had a writing which was written cursively saying: “Color” and maybe some other words…

It came in two colors: Light greenish and light purple-pink.

The Spindles were wrapped rather lamentably: Just a piece of of polymerized nylon. It wasn’t even hermetically sealed: It had a hole left open in the middle so dust and other pests could easily infiltrate to the inner parts of the “spindle”.

I think it lookes something like this:

It was wrapped even poorer.

Does Anyone know anything about these CDrs?
Are the fake?
Are the actually good quality?
Who manufactures them?

Any info would be helpful.



TDK doesn’t make CDR’s, so they could be most anything. CompUSA has some bulk CDR’s packaged just like that, with thier own label on them. The only way to know what they are is to buy them and check the ATIP. But I’m with you, thats a poor way to package them. I believe they come that way in 400-ct cases, and are being split up for sale.



TDK does make their own CD-R’s at their Japan and Luxemburg factories using the TDK Corporation ATIP code. They’re probably not available in the US though. According to some sources, TDK phthalocyanine CD-R’s are commonly available in Europe.


To say it the other way: Here in Norway all TDK discs sold nowadays is made by TDK in Luxemburg.