Strange streaks on a DVD after burning



This is my first post here but i hope you may help me.
i also hope my english isn´t too bad

i suddenly have some problems burning DVD´s:

My Hardware:
P4 3gHz on a MSI MS-7046 MoBo (OEM)
1024 MB DDR
Sony DVD RW DW- D18A, MS-Driver: 5.1.2535.0
Hitachi HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA-4020B MS-Driver: 5.1.2535.0
(Plus 2virtual drives)

Nero Enterprise Ed.

I never before had any probs to burn but today:
I used DVD-R´s from CMC Magnetics Corp.
ID: CMC Mag. AE1.

The burning process itself seems to work (with the Sony) but the verification
fails and on the burned media i can see a little bit darker, round streaks on its surface.

can anyone help me?
What can i do?

Thank you! :bow:


Sorry my friend but you have what are usually some of the worst discs made for movies

This is from a previous post but it fits here too.What you use for blank media makes all the difference in the world when burning movies. Most of the “name brand” discs are crap for movies and Memorex is the absolute worse, I won’t use them if someone gives them to me. You may get a good batch of “cheap disc” but you never know. If you stick witht he good stuff from a reputable dealer you always know what you are getting.

I almost always use Ritek Ridata “branded” 8x +R. I have burned over 200 movies and never had a coaster that wasn’t my fault. A slower burn is better when doing DVD’s I usually burn at 2.4X sometimes at 4X but never faster than that. Ritek Ridata “branded” 8x +R are top of the line discs for movies and they are cheaper than most I get them through a very good and reliable company with an outstanding return policy.

Another choice that you can get at Best Buy if you don’t like to shop over the web is Verbatim “datalife” (they look like old movie reels on the top of the disc), Not all of the verbatim are the same either, these are the only other ones I use.

You can also use TY’s but the ones that are good enough for movies are expensive

Here’s a link:


Best Buy often puts the Fuji Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x on sale for $20 for a pack of 50. Look for Made in Japan near the UPC bar code. Do not buy Made in Taiwan.


Ty’s at are about 40 cents if you buy a 100 pk. Best Buy often has Fuji Ty’s for that price too, make sure they say made in Japan, not Taiwan. Them, verbatim and ricohjpn (could be Sonys or Maxells) are all I will use. Use to swear by ritek but after 2 bad batches from 2 different suppliers, I won’t buy them anymore. Don’t buy bargain garbage!


Thanks a lot for the answers!

I feared, that my problems could depend on my burning device, but other discs behave normal as usual.
The weird ones i used were stuff from a friend of mine he spend 1,20€ for one!

I´ll see if i can get these you mentioned for a fair price here in Berlin, where I live.

PS: I like this forum, nice people around here :slight_smile: