Strange spots on dvd-r media

well, i encountered many of my dvd-r contain some sort of black spots on their writing surface. i don’t whether the media had it before i wrote it or afterwards. on some dvds it reads the data and on some it doesn’t. indicated by program all discs were writen successfully. how does this happen? if the reader reads it (even slower than normal) is it possible that my data will be destroyed in some time? you’d all say i should write it at other discs, but there are sooooo many damaged. help me out ppl!

Wow, I guess you should inspect your all your blank media before, what brand drive do you have? Is it all the same branded media? I have seen posts and news of DVD Rot but I assume your media is new so I would not think that is your problem. I have a purchaced music cd that has what looks like a burn hole. Does the media look like burn spots? Let me know.

well, it’s kinda difficult to explain. looks like as if its inner surface has different contrast on some parts than in other. doesn’t seem bumpy or anything, just an area with different colord. i am talking about mm2 size. i’ve been checking my media ever since. I encountered the problem with smartbuy and traxdata discs but didn’t think i would encounter the same problem with that’s write which i head are one of the best brands concerning dvd-r.

anyway… i know the dvd is made up by many layers, so what i am asking here is the following: is the actual data layer that is infected in this case, ie. is this the one that changes color or is it any of the other protection/reflection/etc layers of the disc!