Strange spikes pattern (kprobe scan)



This is a scan i have made with kprobe (4x speed 8 ECC):

Media: dvd+r (2.4x, booktype setting as dvd-rom), sold as medianca, manufactered by opto disc.
burner: lite-on 411s FS0H (no firmware modding ever made)

In the scan we can see a spike pattern in the PI, is it normal?

I have read on a thread that these spikes are maybe because of too much grease in some rods in the

burner, but i don't want to open my burner, because i will lose my warranty.

I have also read that is maybe because a bad IDE cable. Now my question is, what is a bad IDE

cable? If there are different types of IDE cables, how can we tell the difference?

Now, and last, maybe is because the chipset drivers. I use the VIA hyperion 4 in 1 drivers (my

motherboard is an ASUS A7V8X-X, it uses the VIA KT400 chipset, with an AMD athlon XP 2600+), maybe

is because these drivers? if yes, what drivers should i use then? the microsoft default drivers?

Please help me getting rid of this spikes :slight_smile:


These spikes are most often due to plain old crappy media
Check the Optodisc thread in the DVD test forum, you’ll see that the LiteOn burners do not like this media.


I also used ritekg04 media (dvd-r sold as primedisc) and get ± the same pattern:(

EDIT: doing a scan right now, will post it when it’s done


Here it is, with about the same pattern


Looks pretty strange. Try a different IDE cable, then revert to the MS IDE drivers.


OT comment here:

I’m using an ASUS A7V8X with KT400 chipset and I’m using the VIA IDE drivers (not the bus mastering but the vendor support ATAPI drivers from VIA) and never had ANY problems :slight_smile:


Tried a 80 pin IDE cable (i was using a 40 pin cable), and the spikes are there. Reverted to the default IDE drivers and the spikes are there also:a

Wath are these drivers that are you talking about? the ones in or in the asus website? (I tried both and, guess what, the f****** spikes are still there):a

Maybe the only solution is cleaning the grease on the rods, but i won’t do that.

Maybe there’s another soluion? If yes, please tell me:confused:

EDIT: just saw a post that PRINCO media maybe damages the burner, i once burned 4 PRINCO’s dvd-r, but i don’t remember if the spikes were there before burning them…


2 choices, try the drive in another system and/or send it back.


Tried the drive on a friend’s PC… the same thing happens…

I can’t send the drive back 'cause they said if the dvd plays good then the burner it’s not damaged:a


If the dvd plays good, then you really dont have to worry that much. Sure it would be great to have values of 0, but if you get values over 1k, and it still works without glitches (on better quality media) then it doesn’t really matter!


PML have you tried K probe with other settings then those you have described in the first thread (This is a scan i have made with kprobe (4x speed 8 ECC))

Have you tried 2x speed 8ECC or 8X if your burner supports that, I think I read somewhere in this forum that some burners does report uncorrect/weird using 4x scanning. I have tried scanning a DVD using two different lite on dvdR burners and they didn’t report anything near the same result, so if you can Read/use the burned media then don’t care what K-probe says.