Strange Speed-Problem with 1620

Hi @all,
first excuse my english, I´ll try my best.
Okay, here we go:
I own a Benq 1620, flashed to the “Pro”-Version and upgraded to the latest B79T-Firmware.
After that, I burned a few “Platinum” (RicohJPN02 8x) with 16x speed, burn time was approx ~6 to 6:30.
All of a sudden, the Benq didn´t want to burm then 16x anymore, although the burning program (I use CloneDVD mostly to burn movies) showed 16x.
Burn time then was approx 10-11 minutes.
So I tried a little voodoo with the “flash safe to B7L9, burn a disc, flash safe to B7P or B7T again”, the first burn with B7L was a winner: ~6 minutes. Flashed safe to the B7T again, no luck, burn time increased again to approx 10-11 minutes, flashed the B7P - no chance.
So I´m sitting here with a bunch of discs that once could be burned with 16x, now just 8x.
Checked the cables, DMA, everything.
Any hints?

btw: system specs are Win XP Pro SP2, Sempron3100+, 1Gig Ram, 2x 7200rpm-harddisks, all the latest drivers (SiS-Chipset that is), burning with CloneDVD, before that
AnyDVD is running in the background (


My first 1620 Pro did not burn my Ricoh and Tevion (Aldi, €3.59/5pc, slimcase) branded RicohJPN02 at 16x at all. The scans were even bad at 12x. My second 1620 Pro can burn them at 16x in 6:20, but the errors are a bit high. At 12x in 6:48 they are ok.
Post nero cdspeed disk quality scan of your B7L9 @16x and B7T9 burns to compare them.

Jarod666 finding on B7L9 is interesting for those not having the experience of all Benq fw from the first day, like me.

I relate this with some persons using B7K9 (see ellewhm’s posts) to obtain most of their under 6min burns.

I also see a speed oddity with my TY G02 burning supposedly at 16X but with time ranging from 8:30 to 11 mn. All my other media (T02, MCC03) burn 16X in the region of 6 mn.

I think it’s the implementation of WOPC kicking in obtrusively when it senses it should, depending on your batch of the media. This implementation would have substantially changed beginning with the later firmware (B7M9, B7P9…)
As it’s automatic, there is nothing you can do about.

Try burning the R02 at 12X and 8X, you might burn quicker than at 16X (I did : 7 mn at 12X for my TY G02, 10 mn at 16X)

Small Update:
made a fresh install of windows xp, tried B7T9 - 10:30 for “16x”.
Flashed back to B7L9, burned the same movie with the same app (CloneDVD on the same media - 6:28.

Scan with B7L9 in 6:28


B7L9 does not support PIF scanning and scan speeds higher than 1.15x (Geschwindigkeit in the lower right corner, the flat green line in the upper graph). Could you rescan this disk with B7T9 @8x scan speed ?

And here´s another one, burned with B7T9 in 9:59 at “16x”:


Rescanned the first one:


Okay, B7T9 is much slower AND worse? Something´s wrong here…


This is what I got with the tevion branded ricohs as 16x and 12x with B7S9.

OK, maybe I found the solution:
I had the 1620 on second IDE-Port as a master, and a Benq 1650T DVD-ROM on the same port as slave.
Yesterday I looked again at the properties and there was the 1650T at UDMA2, while the 1620 said UDMA4(!?).
So I changed the 1650T DVD-ROM with my LG 4163B - now the 1620 showed up at UDMA2(!?) and it will burn the disc in 6:21.


Benq 1620 @B7T9, burned at 16x in 6:20

No offence to you Jarod666, but I think it’s better to burn those Ricohjpn R02 max at 12x speed. Your latest scan isn’t that great, specially at the end at 4GB it’s bad I think.
Give more care on the quality instead on speed, or is it just for testing??

Right, its testing only because I wanted to know why the 1620 burnt the discs so slow.
Conclusion: never use 2 Benq-drives on the same IDE-Cable :confused:


How was the master drive connected, at the end of the IDE cable and slave in the middle?. Normaly it must be possible though?? Well, I’m glad everything is working well now. Yeah…sometimes computers are unpredictable, almost like woman :eek:

for me …i particularly like the B7K9…thats why my first drive was not even flashed at all…

Actually, i have had similar problems, well, it’s really not a problem, because it’s the wopc kicking in, and i think it does this at the beginning of the burn, if you burn at 16X, it tries to start the burn really fast and if it can’t burn at that speed it just lowers the speed, it’s actually better to choose 12x because most likely it won’t be lowered, and the burn will actually go faster, and about prettier scans with older firmware, well, scans aren’t everything, i think you get better data integrity with B7T9, alot of people are reporting better compatiblity of discs burned with B7T9 on standalone players whicih couldn’t play the same discs with prettier scans burned using older firmware, so it’s all up to your preference, you want prettier scans or more compatible and readable disc?

12x and 16x burning start at the same speed.

It might start at the same speed but in the initial stage of the burn, when it’s doing lead in, the burner is somehow doing some calibration to determine if the media can be burned at 16x.

First of all, if you want to test firmwares (B7L9/B7P9) in various speed, you must use quality media, ie Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000-T02 or Verbatim MCC004. Give them a shot first. I doubt you will have any problems @16x with both (and all) firmwares.

Second, I see in this forum and media forum (you can also see my sig) that RicohjpnR02 scan is very good @16x. You might own a B-grade R02 since "Platinum" media is also known to produce B-grade and possibly fakes media.

At least with my first bad burner the results of the Ricoh (golden) and Tevion branded RicohjpnR02 were the same. The Platinums and Tevions available in Germany are both produced (or packaged) by
Maybe even the Ricoh branded stuff is not the best they have. The TDK branded RicohjpnR01 I had were alot better than the Platinum branded.

I couldn’t agree more. I only burn at 12x max and that’s with top quality Verbatim MCC 004 and Taiyo Yuden (DVD+R and DVD-R) media. I could care less about top quality scans or “pretty” scans. I want a good working backup that plays well in my home DVD player. If I get nice scans, then that’s only an added benefit. For me personally, I’m using B7P9 firmware because all of my burned discs work without problems on my home DVD player. If B7T9 works better for you, then that’s the firmware you should go with. The real test is whether or not your burned discs plays without problems on your home DVD player.

Many people have burned discs that have had “pretty” looking error scans. But, some of those discs have had issues. Those issues have sometimes showed up in a transfer rate test or surface scan test. The bottom line, like SonnyUnlocker said, is if your burned discs play without problems in your home DVD player. :iagree: