Strange Sound During Burning

Last night, while burning a movie as an ISO using DVD Decrypter’s write function, I happened to have my ear close to the burner when I heard a strange noise. Halfway through burning the ISO (a DVD-5), the burner sounded like it began to spin down, followed by a pause, then a really fast spin up, followed by a spin down, again a long pause, and then the again with the spin up. This whole spin up, spin down sequence sounded like a writer trying to read a damaged disk. During this whole sequence, Decrypter stated that the write speed dropped all the way to 0x (so writing actually stopped). Of course, I got really nervous seeing as I was halfway through the burn and this is a brand new burner (a Pioneer 108). The burn finished successfully and passed Decrypter’s Verify mode with no problem. It also scored a 98 on Nero Speed’s Disc Quality check with very few errors (about 2300 PIFs) and only a few large blips on POEs right at the beginning of the disk. I watched the movie and everything seemed to be OK. I used a Verbatim 8X DVD-R and burned at 12X (with normal 1.18 FW). Does anyone know what this anomaly might have been? I admit I’m usually not monitoring a burn so I’m not sure if this has ever happened before. But it does seem weird. On a graph of the burn speed, halfway through there would have been a flatline all the way to zero. I don’t think that is normal. Should I be worried?

Maybe a dirty disc? Or a dirty laser (possible - even if new). Might be the program even. Try another program, like Nero.

And what was your ear doing near the CD drive anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

In order to burjnh faster than 4x the drive has to shift the speeds.

Also it could be bad balanced or faulty media.

As you rightly pointed out, it shifts speed. Or more precisely, Z-CLV.

When I first bought my 108, I thought it was knackered, as my old burner was only 4x. As the 108 uses zones for 8x and above, this can lead to concern for users unused to the change in sound as the speed dips then increases…

If you look at the burned disk carefully, you can usually see darker rings in some areas - these correspond to the different speed on each zone…

See the attached file for a graphic representation of this.


Thanks for your help. I thought it might be the speed change over, but it sounds a little loud. I guess that is what is happening. I also noticed it does not seem to make this sound when burning a +R DL at 4X. So long as the drive is not broken, I can live with this Z-CLV changing sound.

Unless you get burning or verifying errors it seems to be ok. :wink:

I agree, but usually the Pioneers burn practically anything - my brother has a 106 that will burn media (without errors) that my 4 speed BTC 1004IM won’t even look at :slight_smile:

Thats why I bought the 108 :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:


Same goes here! But with the 16x Verbatim and Nero. At 50% (for a full disk backup) I get a Power Calibration error. I get this error only when i’m writing at 16x when I write the disk at 12x and below i don’t have a problem. I also updated the firmware of the burner coz it recognized the disk at 4x only. I haven’t tried other writeable media at 16x yet!


Many factors will cause this/encryption/memory/burn speed/burner/burner tools/software etc.
I have been seeing this as a more common problem in the last month! Might be encryption related in some cases.
PS/16X is not a good speed to set in any of my burners! 12X produces a great burn and 8X on cheap media! Most burners slow down at the end on a 16X burn!