Strange scratches/holes in cd

Got this cd from a friend who wanted me to see if I can fix it. Never seen something like this before and wondered what could cause it. I did a burst rip in EAC and there was no noticable glitches or pops - so it is still playable. I’m doing a proper rip with EAC now.


That’s known as CD ROT some CD-ROMs (usually earlier ones) weren’t made correctly. This still occurs with cheap low end media. Visable signs are tiny holes/pits, the metal/ink wearing off etc.

Also remeber CD-ROMs are single layer, they are ONLY protected on the bottom, the label side is the actual ink/metal and if scratched then that is why it is why you have the holes. DVDs are 2 layers, so there is a protective plastic on both sides…

For more info on the life span and proper storage and handling check out:

i had a cd like that…but i was still able to copy it to a new cd-r and everything was okay

but i think ur friend may need to buy a new cd

the scratches are most likely due to the cd label being scratched on the flipside

Leaving the cds exposed to heat/sunlight can cause this too. I have some cds I always keep in the car that are suffering from this.

That was probably it :wink:

I also found this:

But I don’t think it has much to do with my CD

Just looks like CD ROT to me, could be a fungus though after you copy it throw it away :smiley: