Strange scans of Verbatim DL media on BenQ

I’ve been using my BenQ 1640 drive for a while now and loving it. After trying BSMB firmware, I decided to go back to the BEFB firmware as I found it much better to deal with other programs running on the computer while a record was in progress.

I just burned a Verbatim DL disc at 4x with the drive and then ran some scans on it. They were shockingly bad. (see the first attached image)

I then tried the scan the disc on my other DVD writer, a Lite-On SOHW-832S. It was so completely different. (see the second attached image)

I’ve seen where scans are different between burners, but they seem really off. Has anyone seen that before?

Could something have happened to the drive?

It’s useless to compare scans from two different drives using complete different algoritms/parameters for scanning (PIE/PIF), sampling and error correction. Sorry.

BTW, have you ever tried Nero CD-DVD Speed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I know, but looking at the discussions about the error peak on DVD+R media that is reported on the BenQ drives but not others, the scans for the media are pretty consistent. This was the first time that I ever saw something so strangely different.

I have. I normally use CD-DVD Speed and that is where I first saw the problem. When I couldn’t believe my eyes, I decided to try a different scanning program to see if a similar thing happened.