Strange scanning problem with 1640



I have a very strange problem when scanning with Benq 1640 , it only happened twice but it made me mad coz I didn’t know the reason .
The first one happened when I burnt DAXON AZ3 with Benq drive @ 8X , then scanned it , it showed huge PIF block at the end of the disc but when I perform a TRT , it is normal :eek:

The second time happened yesterday when I burnt a Panasonic TYG03 disc with Pioneer 111L @ 8X and scanned with the 1640 , it showed another huge block of PIF but this time at the start of the disc , then again after performing TRT , every thing back to normal .

Attached are 2 AZ3 before and after TRT and 2 TYG03 before and after TRT


Want to hear something really weird? I read this thread yesterday and thought that among my 1k+ scans, this may have happened to me once or twice but I wasn’t sure of even that. So today I just burned a disc from my Pioneer 111L and started a scan in my Benq 1640 (BSLB) and I was getting really bizarre scans twice in a row with the disc - real low jitter averages but thousands of POFS and PIFS. I started a TRT then started another quality scan and voila, normal scanning behavior. I don’t know the reason for it but at least I can say that it’s very rare for me. Maybe the fact that the 111L is a common factor has something to do with it, although it could just be coincidence. Ironic that it happened to me just today though :stuck_out_tongue:


You doing anything else on your computer while you are scanning? I can get interesting scans if I run other applications. Yours above are very different as the scanning is just missing on a large part of the disc. I have never seen that.


You can start scans at any point on a disc in CD-DVD Speed if you enter a start point other than 0000MB (see the first scan is started at ‘4000MB’). On a related note, I wish this was available with ScanDisc and TRTs, I’ve requested it for CD-DVD Speed particularly for Scandisc testing although I don’t know if my request has been seen. Good for checking readability at a certain spot without testing a full disc.


Scaning range in CD Speed for once. Others might be “snap”-shots. :wink:
[I]Note.[/I] Bad pic quality, at my workbox right now.
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minaelromany, sorry for not adding anything to your topic.


Strange… and it’s not normal. Maybe it’s time to check your hardware: PSU, IDE cable etc.


I was referring to the second scan where the entire disc appears to be scanned.

I am well aware of the ability to limit the range of the disc.


I’d assumed that he just stopped the scan.


Yes I did :slight_smile:

No need to do a complete scan here because the problem is at the beginning of the disc (weird scan wise !) , these are the only two times this happens to me and I could just ignore it but NO , I have to [B]know[/B] :bigsmile: