Strange scan?

please take a look at this scan of a prodisc s03,
i cant tell if its good or bad
useing liteon sohw 812s
firmware is uson your comments would be welcome as i have had some good and bad burns off this media.its the peaks that have me worried thanx :bow:

the really wierd thing i see is that where there are peaks in PI there are no PIF in the same area… how about trying kprobe 2 scan and let us see that on the same disc

If you did that burn at 4X, try another burn at 2X and re-scan both
of those with KProbe 2.1.0 or higher.

Could be just an ‘iffy’ batch of dvd blanks you got.

sorry guys the image with k-probe2 is too large to post
but its the same
here it is in zip form though!

right here is where you change it to be a png which will take up far less space:

as for the disk it loooks bad try different media and see what happens

You need to try another disc of the same batch and burn it at 2x
instead of 4x. See how that 2x burn kprobes compared to
the current kprobe (which sort of sucks.)

If your 2x turns out nicely, it’s probably the media isn’t up to par
and can’t always handle the 4x burn.

If the 2x burn results in a kprobe similar to the 4x,
you need to try another media brand and then kprobe that also.

If the new brand performs well, you just got an iffy batch of media.
If the new brand also has errors, then you need to RMA that drive.

its a pretty decent burn, no need to make people worried

p.s. considering it’s Prodisc AND its -R, which liteons dont like that much

ummm it has spikes of over 600 for pi and up to 60 for pif… really not so good of a burn. not likely to be readable now or in the future

guys are you telling me that dvd+r are better than dvd-r on liton drives !
i have never tried them people tell me they are not very conpatable with stand alone dvd players ?
if so can you reccomend a good disc for me to try i prefer white topped for laser inkjets thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, Liteon drives do prefer +R media. By using bitsetting, set to -ROM, +R can be more compatible than -R with older DVD player.

Ricoh printable (RICOHJPNR01) are very good or Verbatim printable 4x (MCC002) are very good as well…

thanx very much for all your help and info
if i use the omni pacher set to auto bit setting is this ok
and where can i purchase those dvd’s you recommended
online purchase is fine for me but i prefer uk site thanx again :bow:

You can use auto bitsetting. Auto bitsetting means that your drive will default to the -ROM booktype after a system boot, which avoids having to remember to set it to -ROM.

I will let someone in the UK help you with a recommended supplier of media. You also might want to check the Media Forum on CDF.

this site is the busines you guys are cool thanx again
oh by the way anyone want to buy some dvd-r lol

these pikes are very short. they might make video dvd skip, but for data dvd its more than likely than you wont even notice it. transfer graph would help here.

besides, that’s about the best burn you can get on cheap(er) -R media with liteon drive - average PI/PIF wise. my regular backup -R’s have ~35 PI average, and since they are only needed for few years, they’ll do fine for me.

average is not the killer here spikes of 400 or higher pi that are 100 or 200 meg wide on that graph combined with a large number of pif >10 i bet it isn’t readable now.

why not settle it?

dixieuk does it work or is it unreadable?

i’m pretty sure PO Failures 0 shows that it is indeed readable fully

well the copy plays fine but ay the very end i get some pixalations

thanx thanx thanx thanx what joy you have brought to a very frustrated liteon owner.
got my new dvd+r discs today and yes you have guessed success oh and did i say thanx
here is the scan now you will understand how much appreiceation i have for the help from this site and the guys who spent a little time with me oh and did i say thanx

For the record, the CDSpeed scan posted originally was indicating servo errors in the drive, ie: skipped sectors due to high errors or some other reading issue. CDSpeed doesn’t know how to cope with these, so it shows the high blocks in the PI and blanks in the PIF. Sometimes it may just stop scanning in that situation.

funny thing on my 811s @hs0p and @hs0q my best burns were -r
ritek g03 speeded to 4x

cmc af1 @4x and ritek g04 @4x both did way better for me with hs0p and hs0q.

i just have 3 times as much +r as -r so most of my burns are +r