Strange Scan on Memorex DVD+RW & Benq 1655

Picked up a 25 pack of Memorex DVD+RW cheap at Compusa (10 bucks)

Using a Benq that was crossflashed from an I/O Magic oem version to 1655 BCDB. Nice drive, quiet.

Media maker is Infodisc A10, which I see is not well liked.

I did a test burn. Verified ok, but I didnt like the scan much, so I erased and rewrote the disc.

Second scan better, and displayed below. There’s a spike at the end that dropped the quality score about 7 points (it was 95 before that, not too shabby).

The 500k P1 errors looks high to me, and most of them come at the end of the read. No reported PO failures, right? But the box that pops up after the scan says this :

PI errors
Maximum: 210
Average: 35.19
Total: 524930
PI failures
Maximum: 17
Average: 0.34
Total: 3072
PO failures: 516 <---------- huh?

wtf? So which is right , the zero or the 516? I tested this twice and both times zero onscreen failures but a high # in the text box report. Nero verified the write as OK, so I kind of doubt the 516 count.

Also tried reading the end of the disc at 4X instead of 8x and it comes up much cleaner than the posted scan, though the spike at the end is still there.

Is this media good enough to use without having problems?

Rescanned, got slightly diff readings, and NO PO errors reported in the text box. Wierd stuff.

PS For media thats supposed to be junk, this isnt too bad, huh? Maybe I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will let me know.

lol, ignore the overlayed box.

I had some INFODISCA10. It seemed to work fine until about the third time I tried to reuse the disc - it burned fine but about half the disc was unreadable. So I tried to do a full erase on the disc to see if that would revive it. That only resulted in the disc being full of PO failures and now nearly the whole disc became unreadable. On trying a full erase again, the disc became totally dead - I got a “please insert disc” error because the disc could not even be recognised by the drive anymore. I threw the piece of junk thing away.

I’ve got a few more pieces of INFODISCA10. So far those seem to have lasted more than 3 uses. Still, I’m not trusting those discs with any valuable data.

What do you expect from cheap media? Infodisc? Bah! :Z

I guess the point is, you can use them and they may burn nicely on your drive. The problem is nobody will vouch for how long they will last.

Which about summarises my own opinion.