Strange router/sound problem

After upgrading my freeserve/wanadoo/orange package recently, i was sent the live box in preperation for my 8meg max broadband.

I decided to manually install it after reading some people had issues with the software. Livebox setup was easy and works fine as regards the intenet connection. However…

Any sounds playing while browsing (mp3, windows sounds etc.) become completely distorted whilst pages are loading. Moving scroll bars up and down causes sound interruptions also.

If i disconnect the ethernet cable, and use my speedtouch usb modem for internet access, the problem goes away.

I have re-installed IE-7, Network drivers, sound drivers, but without any luck.

Any ideas? Is it worth moving the sound card to a different PCI slot?

Network card is Broadcom 440x on board Asus P4PE
Sound is Creative SB Live card (PCI)

Windows XPSP2

Any help would be really appreciated. :slight_smile: