Strange ripping speeds

I flashed my drive about a month ago, to remove the rip lock. I dont think that the riplock was actually removed when I flashed the drive. This is because the ripping speed was about 3000-4000k. Today I ripped at 12-14000K for one disk, then the ripping was back to its normal speeds. I havent done anything recently to make any change. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there another thead I could look for to help me answer this wierd question?

Also, I never noticed a change in the sound of my drive (which everyone complains about) until today for that one disk.

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The info you require is in the NEC FAQ here

I checked the FAQ and I don’t think that it answered my question. I patched my drive with the 1.UG firmware about a month ago, and didn’t notice any increase in ripping speeds. I also didn’t notice any change in how loud my drive was while playing and ripping DVD’s. This was until yesterday when I ripped, the drive became noticeably louder and much much faster.

Is this normal then? Are speeds of 2500-4000k average?

To make this more clear, I have a 3520A and it takes about 25-45 minutes to rip a dvd before burning it. Is that a normal speed with the riplock removed?

There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration when ripping a DVD.
System performance
Compressing the movie if it’s a DL disc.
Removing the encryption keys
They all play a part

RIPLOCK removed allows a SL pressed DVD-Video disc to read at up to 16X on the 35xx series drives
RIPLOCK removed allows a DL pressed DVD-Video disc to read at up to 7X on the 3500 and 3520 and at up to 12X on the 3530 and 3540.

To sum up. RIPLOCK removed only removes the speed restrictions on the read speed of SL and DL pressed DVD-Video discs.


I actually checked another thread and found out that my HD was not working under the correct DMA mode. I fixed it now and my drive is ripping much faster!

Could you explain little bit more exactly what do you mean by proper DMA and what did you have before (at slow rippin) and what did you do to come up with improved ripping?.

Before I had DMA mode 1 on my harddrive and my NEC 3520. I realized that I was using 40pin IDE cables not 80 cable(which I was supposed to be using.) I bought some new IDE cables installed them correctly. An article was posted here linked to the VIA website that said the DVD burner should be on IDE2 slave and primary hardrive IDE1 master. Now my HD is Ultra DMA mode 5 and my NEC is Ultra DMA mode 2.