Strange Right-Click Behaviour

All right. Heres the deal, and I would be amazed if anyone is able to figure this one out.

On my computer, if you right click any .exe or .lnk file the desktop will refresh (Screen blinks, background refreshes and anything in the taskbar disappears). Also, if I try to delete any .lnk or .exe files by simply pressing the delete button (while the executable is highlighted), the screen will also refresh. And if I highlight a .exe or .lnk file while im in windows Explorer and try to access the File tab at the top of Explorer, it will also refresh the desktop. My computer also freezes after 5 mins, but bringing up the task manager un-freezes it.
I have tried System Restore and it says I am unable to restore back.

I tried searching for the answer on google of course, and I came up with one similar problem.

he said this though

I have upgraded the drivers for my FX5950 to the last official Nvidia 56.72.
Now I have got a strange problem: When I right click on a video media file (but not an audio file), the screen blinks and refreshes before showing the context menu. The same thing happens when I delete this type of files using the "delete key.
Quite annoying, especially because my monitor is a trinitron multiscan G200 and its refreshing act is quite violent (it makes a big SHKLAK!!! sound every time).

Anyone knows about this problem?

As you can see, he is having the same problem as me but his related to media files.

Later on, he posts that when he re-installed his old nVidia drivers it fixed everything.
I tried what he said to do, and it didn’t work out for me…can anyone help me?

My Specs

Windows XP Professional
256 DDR RAM (LOL, don’t worry, I will upgrade soon)
MSI nVidia 128 MB GeForce FX 5200 (Only thing in my budget)
LG CD Writer 52x32x52x
Some crappy CD ROM (I call it Ghetto CDR)

PS- I have scanned my entire HDD with McAfee

my first suggestion is to boot into safe mode. a list of tasks running on startup would be helpful as well. if you are experienced with windows, you could check and see what is scheduled at startup with the msconfig utility, by going to run and typing msconfig.

if it is a driver issue, i would try going to run and typing dxdiag. that will bring up the directx diagnostic for windows. see if everything is properly running there. your display options in control panel could also use a look.

sorry nothing very specific, but this is a first time problem for me :smiley:

Okay, I took a look at the DX Diagnosis and everything checked out, I also looked at my Start Up Application under RegEdit and MSConfig, and its the same files that I’ve always had loading.
-Jusched(Java Updater)
-NvCpl (Pretty sure this has something to do with nVidia)
-nwiz (also nVidia related)

As for booting into safe, I haven’t done that yet, cuz I’m not sure what I could do in SafeMode.

You can try to uninstall the video driver, install the Windows video driver, and see if the problem still there. If it’s not there, you need another version of the Detonator.

I’m thinking about re-installing Windows XP cuz I have tried using the Default Windows Drivers and I have tried Multiple Versions of nVidia Drivers, and I am recieving no luck with it.

You don’t need any of these starting up and can uncheck them.

-Jusched(Java Updater) 
-NvCpl (Pretty sure this has something to do with nVidia) 
-nwiz (also nVidia related) 

Before reformatting, try using the utility at the following site:

It will clean up the mess left by different driver versions (works with Nvidia and ATI cards)

good luck!

K, i will try this out

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