Strange results?

I had problems in the past with my portable dvd player not playing my discs when I was on a flight. I couldn’t figure out why it would work fine before and after the trips, but not during. I just got back from another flight and decide to test it again. I tried to watch movies on the way out and once again, it froze up. When I landed, I tried the movies again in the hotel, and they worked fine. On the way home, I tried the same movies a 3rd time, and they froze up again. I then decided to try a couple discs that I hadn’t gotten around to labeling yet, and they worked fine, through the entie movies and flight! Once again, when I landed at home, at tried the same movies that failed on the flights, and they wre fine again? It obviously has something to do with the labels, and it must have something to do with the presure in the planes? Any ideas, or simmiliar results?

Are you using paper labels on your DVDs?
(as opposed to printable DVDs)

Such stick-on labels are evil as has been reported by many people in the following thread:

Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware! (Blank Media forum)

I can’t imagine the air pressure mattering, but the humidity is also very low on planes. Maybe it is a spinning disc/static electricity thing. If you ever get to either place, try playing them in Death Valley or the Sahara.:slight_smile:

Yes I am using peel and stick on paper labels. But even if they are not a good idea, what’s the connection to airplanes and flight? Because there’s definately a connection here. Just curious. Thanks