Strange results with TYG02 on Pioneer DVR-111D



Hey first time TY disc user and i’ve had some strange results.

Burner: Pioneer 111D firmware v1.29
Media: Taiyo Yuden (TYG02) OEM 8x
Burn Speed: 4x

the read test was done in the same pioneer burner and got relatively high PIO error.

I am not sure if these discs are fake because reading around the forum they have all the correct things to identify them as TY discs GCXXXX etc…

I also noticed no one is doing their read tests in a pioneer burner is there a reason for that? ie like the pioneer just doesn’t read TY discs correctly?


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Please use the appropriate settings:
Scan at 8x instead of “Maximum”.
Go to Settings > Advanced and switch from 8ECC to 1ECC, and also set the slider to Speed instead of Accuracy.

Take Pioneer scans with a huge pinch of salt, as Pioneer and NEC scans are always with exaggerated PIEs.
As long as the TRTs are ok, you should not experience problems.



thanks under the correct settings you suggested taking into account that pioneer isn’t great reader.

I am quite happy with it now

This is the result: