Strange results with MCC004

I just bought three 25pack spindles for verbatim 16x media from staples. They burn fine on my lg h22n drive. They seem to burn fine on my two liteons (165P6S) also but give really high pif peaks right at the end of the burn. It’s wierd, it’s happening with both drives which are on separate computers. Here are the burn results from my h22n for comparison: H22N Burn 1 H22N Burn 2

There are three variations of MCC 004 and, lately, even the same version has a lot of variability. I would guess you are looking at normal burns; less than great media. This would be confirmed by the same problem on two similar drives.

If you are at 16X, drop to 12X; if 12X drop to 8X. I have some MCC 004 that is only good on a Pioneer 111.

I am avoiding MCC 004 for a few months to see if they get through this and back to high quality.

I came to the same conclusion some time back,
for both MCC 004 and MCC 003. :iagree:

Ok, i tried changing some settings in smartburn and I seem to be getting good results. I had all on before, however, now i just checked the OHT box and left everything else uncheked. Here are the results.

I’ve encountered some truly odd results lately that relate to the topic at hand. Below are two separate scans of the same Verbatim (MCC 004) disc, which was burned with my SHW-160P6S at 8x. The discs were purchased at Newegg in a pack of 100. How does one account for the discrepancy below? Perhaps my drive is failing – better yet, perhaps this all results from the peculiarities of this user (myself) or my system. These possibilities must always be explored. However, I only encounter such radically elevated errors with the MCC 004 (I’ve burned and scanned TYG02, CMC MAG 01, and OPTODISC R16 in the last few months without getting anything close to the Nero scan). More strangeness: 1) the MCC 004 discs that scan horribly play back fine; 2) It has also been the case whereby Kprobe produces horrible results and Nero yields a much more expected scan of the same disc.

The only way to tell if the problem is burning or scanning is to get your discs scanned on another Liteon and see if the results are the same. It is possible that the MCC is just bad in some discs; have you run repeated scans from the same disc with Kprobe and then CDSpeed?

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I suggest you try to make a TE/FE reading on a blank - I find that rises like that up the edge are usually caused by a bad stamper at the manufacturer and that causes greater focus and tracking error leading to high error rates.

Chas009 thanks for greetings. I find this forum (this virtual community) horribly invaluable for all things Liteon related. Many thanks to all.

Unfortunately in this case, the only other drive I have access to is the ASUS DRW-1608P3S@Pioneer DVR 111L 8.29 so I cannot produce another scan with a Liteon drive. Maybe soon though – I’ve been eyeing some deals lately.

I plucked another strange disc from my weird MCC004 pile, which originally produced a bad scan, and performed four new total scans using the 160P6S. These four new scans are represented below. The 1st and 2nd images below are first new scans that resemble the original scan (not shown), in that they show the elevated PI and PO errors in both programs. The 3rd and 4th images below are second scans of the same exact disc using both programs. For this second round of of new scans the computer was not restarted, the disc was left in the drive, etc. The errors have disappeared (I want to know what kind of thrill-seeking digital demon uses this mysterious ramp for tricks and strange pleasures).

More seriously: while I haven’t scanned any blank MCC004s yet, may I risk the hypothesis that in my case what is happening is that I’m encountering bad scans not bad burns. To reiterate some points: The MCC004 shown below initially scanned poorly (not shown) and I was able to reproduce the errors in the first new scan (1 and 2 images). With the second new scan (images 3 and 4) the errors near the end are within an expected range. General points: 1) all weird MCC004 discs in my possession playback fine; 2) The bad scan can be reproduced, but shouldn’t be considered consistent; 3) the MCC004 is beginning to scare me a little (other media I burn and scan don’t behave this way). What’s going on?

I might try scanning some blank discs as lui_gough suggests this week some time.