Strange Results with Firmware v045


I bought my BTC DVDRW1004IM last week, with it I also bought a Nashua DVD+RW. However the DVD player could not record on it so I returned it to the store, where they gave me a That’s Write DVD+RW and told me that upgrading the firmware might help.

So I upgraded the firmware from the DVD Recorder from version v039 to v045. And then the magic began.

When I was still using v039 I had burned “James Bond - Octopussy” to an Imation DVD+R. It played in all my DVD-players. When I upgraded to firmware v045 I wanted to burn another movie to an Imation disk, the burning process succeded succesfully (at least that was what “Pinnacle InstantCopy” reported), however it did not play in any of my DVD-players and Nero reported that the disk was empty, strange thing was that I could see (with my bear eyes) there was data written on the DVD.

(I know this because I burned a dvd with approx. 1 GB with data and I could reconise the written and unwritten parts).

I continued to try to burn other DVD’s, all with te same effect. So I “downgraded” my firmware back to v039 (which luckely I found somewhere on the internet). And put in the DVD that I allready burned and burned the same movie to it again. Now it plays in all my DVD-players.

Now can you explain me:

[li]Why I can see the disk was “burned” but the recorder reports it is empty.
[/li][li]Why I can record to the same disk again, and now the movie works.




I also have the idea that v045 burns my DVD+RW not as good as v039, it looks like my standalone dvd player has a hard time reading data from the disk when I burn it with v045.

Version 43 seems to be better than 45. You might want to try it.

You probably know the saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I guess this goes for firmware 0045 as well. I have experienced strange problems myself with this 0045 firmware. Problems that was not present in 0043. I know Marco is investigating this matter further. Let’s wait and see. Nevertheless, stick to firmware 0043 or even 0039 if it works for you.


Hi there,

I never had a problem with my drive until i flashed it with the 045 firmware…strange results of my dvdplayer saying the disc is dirty when i know it isnt …

So I’m thinking something in the burnprocess went wrong …

But anyways…when I try to re-flash 043 my computer reboots ?! :S
Tried it twice and before it begins the flashing it just reboots ?!

ANyone know how i can get my 043 back into my dvd drive?


Hope marco releases 046 soon :smiley:

Hi guys,

Yes, for now please wait until V0046 comes out and then try to get these problems into perspective.

By the way, as far as I know That’s Write = Princo = unreliable
Nashua also uses funny MID codes, so I’d prefer a more reliable MID code for verifying above issues if possible.

Tks. in advance for your input and patience !

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The same thing happens with MID=TYG01. Written discs unreadable in other equipment though fine with firmware 0043.

Dear PDU,

V0046 or V0047 will be ready soon. Let’s wait for that and then see if it solves your problem.

By the way, I think I have some progress on the “bitsetting feature” issue…

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Originally posted by Marco BTC
[B]Dear PDU,

V0046 or V0047 will be ready soon. Let’s wait for that and then see if it solves your problem.

By the way, I think I have some progress on the “bitsetting feature” issue…

BTC Europe Support [/B]

Lets have it then :slight_smile: Both the new firmware and the news on bitsetting.

Have a nice week-end


would you all recomend firmware x045 from the dangerous brothers?
and what about x043?

I can’t stop you guys from experimenting, but I suggest you all stick with your current firmware, V0043 or V0045, and wait until V0047 arrives (V0046 will be skipped).

It should be here within a couple of days. They’re testing the beta as we speak.

Thanks in advance for your patience !

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I’m currently using the “official” v0043 firmware … havn’t had any more problems (yet).


what software are you using?
and what version?

whatever it is, i’ll try it :bigsmile:

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